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Charlie Silvera: Playing in the Shadow of Yogi Berra

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 29, 2007

Charlie Silvera was born in San Francisco in 1924, grew up in the Mission District, and attended St. Ignatius High School before signing with the Yankees for a $2,500 bonus in 1942. He would go on to languish for eight full seasons as a backup to Yogi Berra. Although he received six World Series championship rings along the way, Silvera must always wonder what he could have done had Berra not been the starter for all those great Yankee teams of the 40’s and 50’s. Silvera went on to coach and scout for a variety of MLB clubs and currently resides in the beautiful hills of Millbrae in Northern... (more)

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Should Barry Bonds Play in the All-Star Game?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 26, 2007

...decent defensive plays on occasion; including a great catch up against the wall recently against the Oakland A’s in interleague play. He also leads the league in intentional walks, which shows that he’s still one of the most feared batters in baseball. I think the people of San Francisco deserve to see Bonds in the all-star lineup on July 10. Let him enter the game after the third inning and pinch hit. It will be the man’s final moment in the spotlight. With all the controversy and bad karma that surrounds Barry Bonds, he’s still entitled to be there when The... (more)

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Now you call it madness (but I call it love)

By Cindy, published on Jun 25, 2007

... Mistress Isla Strix was never really hidden, as it destroyed two marriages — but the in-depth article in Rolling Stone revealed much more. In “The Mystery of Larry Wachowski,” Peter Wilkinson writes: “Leaving Los Angeles, he and Ilsa moved into a $2.7 million home in San Francisco, on a steep hill in the Castro, with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay.' Guess LA was just too tame for their tastes. The vast majority of cross-dressing men are heterosexual, and bondage, being tied up by an attractive woman during sexual intercourse, is the second most common male... (more)

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A Monster Problem Called Monster Park

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 22, 2007

After a recent series of meetings between the NFL and San Francisco 49er officials, it looks like wherever the Niners finally decide to move, it’s going to be at least a decade before a new stadium is a reality. Whether it’s in Santa Clara or at Hunters Point, the team’s fans are going to have to be satisfied with clunky, unappealing Monster Park for a long, long time. The whole affair is a travesty and a disgrace. Monster Park is old and should be put out of its misery. The bathrooms stink with flooding toilets, the seats are uncomfortable and the entire place looks like a mall from the... (more)

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The Chris Daly Show Should Be Cancelled

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 21, 2007

Mayor Gavin Newsom categorically denied ever using cocaine Wednesday and blasted Supervisor Chris Daly for raising the allegation during a jammed Board of Supervisors meeting a day earlier, saying his City Hall tactics had brought San Francisco politics to a new low. Newsom, who earlier this year entered rehab for a drinking problem, angrily responded to reporters' questions about whether he has ever used coke, saying, "Absolutely not." "I am associated with something that I don't do, never have, not even in the realm of reason should someone even accuse me of this," Newsom said. The... (more)

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What Are You Going To Do, Ed Jew?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 20, 2007 understand exactly what power he has to force Jew out of his seat. "The fact that I am reviewing the charter and my role ... is suggestive of the fact that there are concerns," Newsom said, adding that he found the results of a city attorney's investigation into Jew's compliance with San Francisco's residency requirements "very damning" and "quite condemning." He asked Jew to come forward quickly with evidence that he has lived in the district in which he was elected. "Prove it," he said. Jew was present at the weekly Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, the day after City... (more)

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He Played With the Greats: Hobie Landrith

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 17, 2007

...1961 by the Mets: "The GM with the Mets was George Weiss, what a piece of work he was. I mean, if you’re the first pick, you figure you should make at least the same as you did the year before, right? No. They offered me three or four thousand dollars less than what I was making with San Francisco. So, I sent the contract back. I told Weiss that I found his offer to be totally unacceptable. He sent me the same contract three times and I sent it back three times. I told him that I’d stay home before I signed I accepted these contracts. He wouldn’t budge, so I finally had ... (more)

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Ernie Broglio: On the Wrong End of a Lopsided Trade

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 10, 2007

... not bad for a rookie – and became a fixture in the team’s rotation for the next four years, winning 70 games and losing 55 overall for the Cardinals. His finest year was 1960, when Broglio went 21-9 with a 2.74 ERA, 2nd best in the National league, behind only Mike McCormick of San Francisco. He finished third in Cy Young voting that year (behind only Vern Law and Warren Spahn) and 4th in strikeouts behind a trio of LA Dodgers (Koufax, Drysdale and Stan Williams). In 1964, after going 3-5 for the Cards, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs with Doug Clemens and Bobby Shantz for... (more)

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Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp

By cerebralgirl, published on Jun 9, 2007 doing harder workouts for your body. If you add in hills or trails to your outdoor routine, you will begin to be more challenged during even the simplest of activities. Outdoor fitness gives you a chance to have a convenient, fun, and challenging workout every time you open up your front door. What are you waiting for? If you need motivation or would like to join a group, I recommend checking out Ultimate Body Potential even if you aren't in the San Francisco Bay Area they have Guided Audio Bootcamps available. (more)

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Crustacean in SF: Keeping Family Secrets

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 6, 2007

Crustacean in San Francisco is a restaurant with amazing food. No one will dispute that. But, probably the best part of the place is the incredible story behind it. The An family has built a culinary empire with several restaurants, including another Crustacean location in Beverly Hills. They’ve been featured in People Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, InStyle Magazine, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, as well as on every TV channel you can think of. The story begins with Helene An, and her three daughters Hannah, Elizabeth and Monique. In 1975 An, a member of Vietnamese royalty, fled her home country... (more)

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