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San Francisco is Going Bonkers for Bonds

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 21, 2007

The balls are being marked, City Hall is festooned in orange (see photo) and every move Barry Bonds makes is being chronicled throughout the world. Baseball fans, souvenir hunters and those who just want to be around baseball history will flock to San Francisco next week hoping to see Barry Bonds hit the big one. The Giants slugger is only two more homers away from tying Hank Aaron's career mark of 755, perhaps the most well-known record in the world of sports. There’s a very good chance that he could break the record during a seven-game homestand starting Monday against the Atlanta Braves,... (more)

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The Summer of Shove

By Lynn Downey, published on Jul 19, 2007

July of 1967 might be “The Summer of Love” to everybody else in the world, but to me it will always be “The Summer of Shove.” I was twelve-almost-thirteen and living in the suburb of Marinwood, just north of San Francisco, and I couldn’t help being aware of what was going on over the Golden Gate Bridge. But I was just a bit too young to participate, and anyway, I had puberty to worry about, which was like being put in a blender with somebody else in charge of the buttons. Of the many responses I could have chosen to deal with the turmoil - taking drugs, starting a band or developing... (more)

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Yes Virginia, Vietnam Vets were spit on

By sanity check, published on Jul 19, 2007

...of his findings, Lembcke challenges the notion that servicemen would be in a civilian airport. This is just plain stupid. A person on their way to Vietnam would be coming from HOME. They would travel on commercial planes to the closest airport to their embarkation point which for many, was San Francisco. How many servicemen did this? Enough that there was a scheduled shuttle bus to Travis AFB from San Francisco International Airport during most of the Vietnam War. Going home was the same process in reverse. Hit the ground on the West Coast and head to the closest airport to catch a... (more)

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Jeanty at Jack's in SF is A Magnificent Dining Experience

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 17, 2007

... setting for first dates, anniversaries and other affairs of the heart. Here is what Phillipe Jeanty said about his vision for Jeanty and Jack’s. This was written before he even began the actual construction of the restaurant: “When I first entered Jack's in the "heart" of old San Francisco, I felt transported back home as if I had entered a Parisian Maison Bourgeoise as, in Paris, many of these old buildings have been transformed into neighborhood brasseries. Combined with the history of Jack's, built in 1864, I immediately fell in love with the building and decided to be... (more)

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Dodgers Get Healthy. Barry Gets Huffy.

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 16, 2007

The Los Angeles Dodgers swept a three-game series from the San Francisco Giants this weekend and it was interesting to watch. I would compare it to the first stages of the sinking of the Titanic. It reminded me of when the ship hit the iceberg and sprung a leak. It took a while for the boat to sink, but it was only a matter of time. The Giants are dead, even though the body is still warm. Their demise is in sight and the team’s disastrous season will only get worse, I believe. AT&T Park should change its name to Dodger Stadium, because when the Blue Crew plays there, it’s like a comfortable... (more)

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Bonds Ineligible for Role Model Status

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 16, 2007

San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds is in a slump. This is a good thing. After the way he conducted himself in the locker room after the Giants’ loss to the Dodgers 5-3. Bonds said to reporters, “It's an embarrassment for me to be wearing this (expletive deleted) uniform 'cause of the way I'm playing. There, that's it. Now go away.” Oooooh, obsess much? Bonds, who has been stuck at 751 career homeruns since July 3, seems to be somewhat upset that he has not yet overtaken the career homerun record of Hank “Hammer” Aaron. As he walked through the locker room following his immature comments... (more)

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San Francisco Was a Major League All-Star Host

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 11, 2007

San Francisco can be proud of the job it performed as the host of this year’s MLB All-Star Game. I personally got a chance to attend many of the festivities surrounding the event. Wherever I went, I talked to fans that had traveled from long distances (Japan, France, Holland, etc.) to be at the game, and all of them mentioned how much they loved San Francisco. Yes, the City by the Bay really rolled out the red carpet for this one and it showed. Of course, I did everything I could to participate in All-Star Week, except for the most important thing (at least to me) which was actually being... (more)

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Dodgers finish first half with a bang, 9-3

By Marquis McClure, published on Jul 9, 2007

...rotation. After the game, Martin stressed how important this win was. "You would rather finish with a win and have these next couple days to sit on that than with a loss," Martin told "They beat us in the series, but it's nice to win this game. It's important to finish on a positive note going into this break." As for Martin, he, starting pitcher Brad Penny and closer Takashi Saito will play for the National League in Tuesday's All-Star Game in San Francisco. The rest of the club will join them Friday to play a three-game weekend series against their archrivals, the Giants. (more)

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My Picks for the 2007 MLB All-Star Game

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 6, 2007

With the All-Star Game coming to San Francisco’s AT&T Park next week, I thought now would be a good time to weigh in with my AL and NL all-star team picks. The fans actually did a very good job of getting the best players on each squad, but I do disagree with them in some instances. CATCHER AL: Victor Martinez, Cleveland Indians The fans blew it here, picking Ivan Rodriguez. Martinez is the number one catcher in baseball right now, with power, average and production. People have criticized his defense in the past, but he’s improved in that area and should only get better. NL: Russell Martin,... (more)

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The Simpsons in Burbank

By Ariel, published on Jul 2, 2007

..."Squishees" and other Simpsons inspired merchandise. The stores undergoing this transformation are located in Bladensburg, Maryland/Washington DC; Burbank, California; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Mountain View/San Francisco, California, New York, New York; Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver/Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. According to the Associated Press , for 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and Homer's creators at Gracie Films, the stunt is a cheap way to call attention ... (more)

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