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Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to San Francisco

By Digidave, published on Nov 12, 2007

...broke and beautiful." Words of inspiration from somebody who knows firsthand what it's like to nickle and dime his way through life. Don't believe me? Find out yourself. This Thursday Broke-Ass is having a party to celebrate the release of a new edition of his book "Living cheaply in San Francisco" at The Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell Street). I first met Stuart way before he was broke living in San Francisco. I have the pleasure of knowing him when he was a broke college student at Santa Cruz. Stuart and one of my good friends from Los Angeles became friends, so when I would visit the... (more)

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New York New Year's African Dance Festival

By Afrika Abney, published on Nov 9, 2007

...students and audiences everywhere. Her late husband, Papa Kemoko Sano once described her movements as "fexible", "natural", and "gazelle-like". In addition to traveling extensively as an instructor and guest artist, Marietou Camara currently lives and teaches regular classes in the San Francisco Bay area. Pape N’Diaye - (Senegal) A multi-talented artist, Pape N’Diaye is a seasoned performer, instructor and choreographer in djembe, kutiro, sabar, modern and African contemporary dance forms. He has been a member of numerous acclaimed Senegalese traditional and... (more)

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More MLB Players Added to "Unnaturals" List

By Ed Attanasio, published on Nov 6, 2007 about who took steroids, but rather about who didn’t. Baseball should take these most recent allegations to heart and start being even tougher on steroids. If the problem isn’t checked once and for all, it could surely ruin this great game forever. This appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning and was featured as a front page story: Former major leaguers Matt Williams and Ismael Valdez also purchased performance-enhancing drugs, in 2002, from a Florida anti-aging clinic that was raided in February as part of an investigation by the Albany, N.Y., district... (more)

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Series - WeThe People - Watch Videos of US Protests #24

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 29, 2007

...around the country point to a tremendous outpouring of opposition to the war. Cities reported large turnouts: Boston 10,000, Chicago 30,000, Jonesborough 400, Los Angeles 15,000, New Orleans 300 (incl Katrina survivors), New York 45,000, Orlando 3,000, Philadelphia 8,000, Salt Lake 1,000, San Francisco 16,000, Seattle 6,000. As polls indicate that 70% of the U.S. population disapproves of the widely unpopular war, organizer’s stated that the numbers of people today are indicative of the clear message of disapproval to the Bush Administration and a Congress which has failed to use... (more)

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Series - We The People - 10/27 Mobilize For Peace #23

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 26, 2007 Judkins Park. Throughout Washington and Oregon, organizing is underway to bring people to Seattle. People will gather in Judkins Park for a rally and then march to Occidental Park. The march is planned to go through communities in Seattle so the antiwar message gets out far and wide. *SAN FRANCISCO,CALIF San Francisco 11am at the Civic Center. Several feeder marches from various parts of the city will join people from throughout northern California at the Civic Center for a pre-march rally. The main march will proceed to Dolores Park, where there will be... (more)

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Bye Bye Bobblehead!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 25, 2007

Barry Bonds is whining again. This time he’s complaining about the fact that the San Francisco Giants let him go. He said that the Giants would have already won a World Series championship if he was the team owner. He also said that San Francisco fans are his “family,” yet I have seen the man snub fans on several occasions with my own two eyes. If they’re his family, it’s a dysfunctional one. The fact is that releasing Barry Bonds when they did was a very astute move by the Giants. With his bloated salary, huge head and enormous ego, Bonds had become a major liability in the City by... (more)

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Talking to an Old Cub: My Interview with Ed Mayer

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 19, 2007

With the World Series approaching, I thought I'd publish this interview with retired baseball player Ed Mayer. Check out his UFO sighting. Ed Mayer played for the Chicago Cubs for two years, in 1957 and 1958. A San Francisco native and a Lowell High School graduate, he won the MVP award in a high-school all-star game played at Seals Stadium and received the trophy from none other than Babe Ruth himself. Mayer made his pitching debut against the New York Giants and gave up two home runs – one to Willie Mays and the other to Hank Sauer. They were the only dingers he would ever surrender. After... (more)

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You say Dim Sum I say Yum Cha let's call the whole thing off

By V, published on Oct 16, 2007

...of favor with my fellow Americans, I have to say that I have had great difficulty with Chinese food since arriving in Los Angeles. Quite simply, it’s not really Chinese food. I have now come to realize, after eating my way through Chinatowns on both coasts of America (yes, including San Francisco), there is such a thing in the world as, ‘American Chinese.’ And can someone please explain to me why you are supplied with a dinner plate rather than a small bowl when dining in a Chinese restaurant here? Has no one ever noticed that chopsticks are not designed to work with a... (more)

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Death to Emo

By Gary Schwind, published on Oct 15, 2007 like Drop Dead Beats, Devil's Advocats. Throw that in with just straight-up hard rock bands like Tyrannis or Motor Gun Hotel. On top of that, a bluegrass band like Los Duggans, high-energy bluegrass. Sausage Grinder, who are more traditional, and The Pine Box Boys from San Francisco. They actually play blackgrass. All their songs are about murder and death. Then maybe for shits and giggles, you throw in an accordion player named Squeezebox Sam who sings about murder and death and has his own cover version of "Boyz N the Hood." Then if I can get lucky, you throw in a... (more)

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Colorado Rocks Baseball World

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 15, 2007

...inning, three pitches after watching one of Livan Hernandez's trademark "eephus" offerings poke across the plate for a strike -- so slow it didn't register on the stadium scoreboard radar. Hernandez said he knew better than to throw an inside fastball to his buddy that he played with in San Francisco, but he had used all the pitches in his bag of tricks. "It's the last pitch I want to throw," Hernandez said. "Yorvit is one of my best friends in baseball and I know he can handle the fastball inside very good. It's just the situation. I'd thrown everything: foul, foul. I know he can hit ... (more)

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