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Top office expenses that you can easily avoid

By chrisezine, published on Apr 8, 2014

...more gutting than coming to terms with the fact that the impetus in your revenues is consumed by the increase in your operational expenses. If that sounded somewhat technical, I might add here that I’m referring to the sick feeling of not being able to increase your profits with increasing sales, because of correspondingly increasing expenses. In this article, I squeeze out the juices of wisdom that I have been blessed with by the supreme power of Time! You can use these tips to save on some huge office expenses.

Hunt for furniture, stationary, and services in groups for great... (more)

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How Design Affects Your E-Commerce Sales

By VictoriaH, published on Jan 9, 2014 the navigation menu so that users are able to search through specific products easily. The fewer clicks and buttons that an Internet user has to combat with to make a purchase, the calmer they remain. This also helps to maintain a positive reputation in the online community which can boost sales. You can click here for even more ideas on this.

Loading Times

There should really be no loading times, even for those with a slower connection, to use your E-Commerce website. Ideally, properly coded and formatted E-Commerce websites will transition smoothly and without a waiting... (more)

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How Visual Presentation Will Boost Product Sales

By In Suzi's Words, published on Nov 2, 2013

...and for a good cause. If your small business is selling bath salts or lotions, choose an image of a beach, a person relaxing or any other picture that is soothing and inviting. The possibilities are endless, as there are so many products to choose from when you are looking to boost business sales or earn money for a non-profit. Brainstorm with your team and find packaging color and designs that works well for you.

More for Your Money

Include freebies whenever possible. Having a small, inexpensive item included with the general product has been proven to boost sales.... (more)

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Dating Game for Wannabe Skilled Immigrants

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 5, 2013

...under the category of “skilled worker,” lured by the first world, “Brand Canada” lifestyle that was on tap, there were no such dating sites. All the Canadian High Commission in my native homeland had to work from was an outdated, typed list of required skills, among them, Undertaker and Sales Representative. Well, as I have a slight problem working with dead bodies, I qualified as a sales representative. When I arrived here, I got a bit of a shock: there were sales reps coming out of all nooks and crannies, including the mass produced ones from those dreaded telemarketing sweat... (more)

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Social Marketing = Viral Book Sales? Think again!

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 15, 2012

...along with books. I have a hard time keeping up with “curated content” that is posted online by various newbie journalists – all interesting content, no doubt, but all leaving me with the sneaking suspicion that I have read this somewhere else before.

The power of the online sales message is felt only when endorsers (and the more powerful the endorser the better) tell others that they should absolutely drop everything they are doing and buy this book – NOW! They call it “going viral.” Sales do not happen when the poor writer himself keeps bleating his repeating... (more)

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Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 8, 2012

...I was looking for a job. I had word out on the street that I felt I could sell. Well I had been able to sell in the past. No one knew how good except for me.

I would watch people, how they made their millions for some on the internet others I would eventually work along side. Many sales teams I have been a part of. All within a couple of days a leader. It wasn't anything I was doing differently yet my language and body language I knew I could do it. I was confident. Well, I wasn't meant to go to the beach today I had to sell by the Mrs. Most people wouldn't think I had... (more)

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You want to be an Entrepreneur? Smashing Sales?

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 3, 2012

...Of course you have to put a biit of a dream with it.

I noticed I would get hired to run telemarketing rooms, many phone lines up to 200 people and achieve more than someone who had started the system. I took over a position in a company. At the interview they said can you make our sales team the best.

That wasn' a hard question of course. I said I'll double your sales. They hired me, will I doubled sales in the first month. I was motivating everyone. Watching the systems in place and changing where necessary.

The boss excited, company growth, glad the last... (more)

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