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Are Elections and Appointments in India, caste based?

By dchaitanya, published on Apr 8, 2013 searching news like Aiswarya Roy’s pregnancy, Karishma Kapoor’s love affairs as big news rather than showing practical and constructive solutions to country’s socio-political problems and deceiving the public. “What if India wins a cricket match against Pakistan, or if Sachin Tandulkar did a century in Cricket, would it help in alleviating poverty in India. Does it not amount duping the public, if anti-people policies are adopted” he questioned. “Every second child in India is suffering from lack of nutritious food, and Somalia is better than India in this aspect”... (more)

Tags: somalia, security council, press council of india, are elections and appoints in india caste based, markendeya katju, sachin tandulkar, poverty and underdevelopment

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