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Ahhh.. The Dance Your dance of life and loving.

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 31, 2010

Ahhh... The DanceOne step forward.One step backward.One step to the left.

The dance goes on.Pick your partner carefully.One step forward.Pick one, not more.

The dance goes on.Three or more - steps on toes.Causes pain ,One step backward.

The dance goes on.Pay attention to the dance.Avoid going bump in the night.One step to the left.

The dance goes on.Hold your partner with care and love.There are others who want your place.One step forward.

Ahhh...The dance goes on.


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The Naked Paper

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 19, 2010

The naked paper sits before me fully exposed no words to clothe it it lays there helpless waiting for me to dress her in creativity she begs me to make her original and to standout but I just look at her beauty her smooth white surface so prude and innocent never been touched with ink I desire her instantly I want to cover her from top to bottom in beautiful words make her shout out and be full of adjectives let her verbs do the talking she willingly accepts everything I have to offer thoughts will be written all over her face no longer will she look blank I have the power to change her make her... (more)

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Forbidden Love

By taking off the mask, published on Dec 28, 2009

It took a year and a half for him to tell me

He claims he always liked me

I always liked him too

my boy friend at the time

feared he'd steal me away

he called him names

not realizing the inner pain it caused me

I had hidden feelings for him

how dare he insult him

all I wanted was to be with him

to hold him, hug him, kiss him

and never let go

he was strong and beautiful

he made me feel safe and desired

but our desires were forbidden

for he had a girlfriend

and I too was in a relationship

... (more)

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The Gesture

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Dec 23, 2009

“Hey, dreamy, remember me?”“C’mon, I might have a bad memory, but I’m not likely to forget you in ten seconds.”“So?”“You want me to do what?”She grinned, mysterious. “Something. Anything.”“That’s not a great help.”She smiled. “That’s part of the challenge. Knowing what to do.”He shifted uneasily on the couch. “I was proposing marriage, not slaying dragons.”She reached across and stroked his nervously tapping hand. “All I want you to do is prove that you love me. A gesture.”He stuck his tongue out at her. “Will that do?”He didn’t know if she’d placed a time limit on him, but the days... (more)

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After Dark

By The Clean White Page, published on Nov 18, 2009

The alerters go off and we all come. The boys run into the muster bay, step into their boots, pull up their fire gear and get on the engine. I assign a radio orderly and get into the front of the engine beside the driver, ready to head out when the crew is on board. We know going out that it’s a domestic fire, an RTA, whatever. But even the men with more than twenty years experience never know quite what they’ll see. We deal with Death. Sometimes he wins, sometimes we do. He is the enemy and fire is just one of his weapons.

When the incident is closed, everyone heads home. We’re a retained... (more)

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Haunted By The Past

By Lumiere, published on Feb 27, 2009 it's root, is the most bizarre love triangle of all. There is no room for anyone new in the relationship because there are already too many ghosts involved. When someone drives forward through life in the present looking through the rear view mirror consistently, eventually all their romances will crash and burn. If only we could just recognize the truth about our patterns, humble ourselves so we can heal the past, and allow ourselves to experience a real, healthy, intimate relationship minus all the damn drama. Sometimes we find the courage to heal, sometimes we cling and... (more)

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