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Hardly Love At All

By LVera, published on Oct 14, 2011

It's quite strange how we met. The patter of electronic signals passing through the lines. The sound of the computer fans buzzing by my ear. The moaning of the woman I was currently having sex with. Across from us was her husband who was having sex with a much younger girl. She was closer to my age then the couple was.

We stood outside the doorway to the apartment building fully dressed. "Got a ride?" I asked her. She seemed too innocent to be meeting strangers on the Internet and having sex with them. She just nodded her head no. "Neither do I," I said and she smiled. She was quiet... (more)

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The ‘Silent Treatment’ Speaks Volumes – What is It Saying?

By iLo Ivy, published on Sep 30, 2011

But we’re so used to settling for the obvious – s/he doesn’t want to (answer) or s/he is too keen (on me) – that we’ve almost lost the ability to think rationally about why we keep failing at communicating more openly.

If you’re one of those people who keeps wondering, where to draw the line between gratitude and politeness – because you like to think of yourself as someone who’s “too nice and wouldn’t hurt a fly” – when s/he is “too keen” for your liking, the question you need to ask yourself is, “Why don’t I simply say, ‘I really don’t want to receive your emails, or calls, or text... (more)

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Halloween Howl Mystery Book Seven

By Yvonne Wu, published on Aug 18, 2011

...Starless Sky at age 15 and published it in January of 2010. My second book, Seven, was published February 2011.

Whenever I write a book, it has to be something that I would want to read if I picked it up from a shelf. Seven is unique and it makes you think. It has suspense and thrill, romance and friendship, and characters that readers can relate to. The story slowly crescendos and then goes out with a bang. “We are all born with profound greatness, as immense as the sea. Every day is a choice on whether or not we live up to our potential.” The rest of the book is a reflection... (more)

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Larry Enright is the Author of Four Years From Home

By Wrp68, published on Aug 15, 2011

Larry Enright (1949- ) was born to Irish Catholic first?generation immigrants and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After college, he moved to the Philadelphia area where for the past 40 years he has filled his life with many careers including teacher, musician, computer programmer, researcher, and writer. He has written three novels. "Four Years from Home" (2010) is his first published work.

His Books:

Four Years From Home

Tom Ryan — firstborn of five children in a large, Irish Catholic family, smart and acerbic, a cheat and a bully — calls himself the future king... (more)

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The Hoodoo Money Series by Sharon Cupp Pennington

By Wrp68, published on Jun 5, 2011

Sharon Cupp Pennington’s short stories have appeared in numerous online and print venues, with anthology contributions to The Rocking Chair Reader in the Coming Home edition (2004) and Family Gatherings (2005), A Cup of Comfort for Weddings: Something Old, Something New (2007), and Good Old Days Magazine (March, 2007). Her debut novel, Hoodoo Money, was released in May 2008 and the sequel, Mangroves and Monsters, in November 2009. She resides in Texas with her husband, Wayne, where she is currently working on her third novel in this series.

Her books:

"Hoodoo Money"

Things... (more)

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Can you keep a secret? I really mustn't tell.

By BusinessLife, published on May 31, 2011

I have a secret.

I mustn't tell.

It's deep in my soul,

And hungry to attack.

It's called a feeling.

It's welling up inside me and it wants to escape.

It has this desire to rip past my thoughts and curiosities

And seek what really is and forget the many hours spent wondering what could be.

Will you keep my secret?

It's a special surprise.

It's for someone who is holding my heart in his hands.

He knows not who he is.

He has no knowledge of what he does to me.

And oh what he does to me.

It hurts it's... (more)

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Gathering Dreams

By Frank - icare2be, published on Apr 19, 2011

I am gathering dreams,Dreams of memories,Nightly, but also day dreams.

Memories just ours,Gathered together, Held as precious jewels in my heart.

First meeting, many later firsts,Many last moments, Many urgent, many more relaxed.

Each brings you closer,Brings your touch,Makes you present.

Whether you are close.Here, lying next to me, Or far away with family or friends.

Dreams are gathered together,colored ones, even some black and white,Wonderous memories relived.

Dreams uniting past and present,Invigorating memories,Mixing reality with a touch of yesterday.

... (more)

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I Think of You?

By Frank - icare2be, published on Apr 4, 2011

I think of you each month. No, more than that.

I think of you each week. No, No, more than that.

I think of you each day.No, No, more than that.

I think of you each morning As I wake,

And as I lay my head on the pillow. No, No, more than that.

I think of you with each breath I take.Now that is getting closer.

I think of you with each thought I have. Now that is exaggerating.

But I am definitely thinking of you!


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My Dearest Valentine

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 13, 2011

I am attracted by your presence Your amazing charisma beckoning

I care for your beauty and intelligence You are much more than words cannot convey You are my perfection I am amazed by your generousity and motherly love Animals and children benefit daily

I enjoy sharing sorrows and joys It is soothing to my soul It brings us closer

I am infatuated Realism usually replaces but the years have been kind Infatuation has turned to desire unbounded

I imagine and dream of you There are unconscious and uncontrollable delightful moments The edges of sanity are questioned

... (more)

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Book Review: Currents Deep and Deadly by Arleen Alleman

By Wrp68, published on Nov 20, 2010

Find adventure, romance, mystery, bizarre interconnected coincidences, brutal murders and a journey of self discovery on a luxury cruise ship in Currents Deep and Deadly.Author Arleen Alleman introduces her main characters with plenty of description and back story while showing the events that brought each on the month-long South American cruise. Darcy Farthing, the heroine, boards the Sea Nymph, an enormous floating city, with her current love, Dr. Peterson. Darcy is a self-described atheist and non-believer of coincidence. While boarding, Darcy overhears a conversation that may suggest the... (more)

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