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When To Let Go

By Shari G, published on Oct 19, 2011

...on her mother for everything. Her mother and my father have voiced their thoughts on her and hoped that I could get through to her. It backfired and she told me to "back off" and that she "doesn't want motherly advice from me". I want to just let her be and sit back and watch her hit "rock bottom" but something in my gut tells me not to back off till she cuts me off. HELP!!!!!

--Sisterly Love

Dear Sisterly Love,

Its hard to watch anyone you know hit rock bottom. My experience has been that you can try and try to give people advice but at the end of the day,... (more)

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The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis by Laura Day

By Savattra, published on Apr 5, 2007

...Good? Not really because when he returns to the present he discovers that his life has been mediocre rather than stellar. In fact, he is a low-level ship mate who is not seen to have any leadership ability! The gift of his crisis was the development of impeccable judgment and calculated risk taking. Jean-Luc opts to go back and claim his sacred wound and returns again the Star Fleet legend and Captain of the Enterprise.

This old storyline depicts Laura Day's wisdom on why the rock bottom of a crisis can actually be starting point of a brand new life that outshines the old.


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