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Culinary Perfection: Michael Mina

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 26, 2007

Every once in a while I have a dining experience that makes me happy just to be alive and in possession of taste buds that are in good working order. Food can be a miraculous thing if it’s prepared and presented with passion and this restaurant is so passionate about what they do that you can taste it in every bite. The name of the restaurant Michael Mina in San Francisco – and once you’ve been there you won’t soon forget it. One of the hottest young chefs in the country, Michael Mina, has fashioned a restaurant that is universally praised for its original concepts in American cuisine... (more)

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John Mayer Continues Incredible Dating Spree

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 22, 2007

...of the patio, "were laughing and talking a lot" as the waitress brought several rounds of drinks, says the source. It's been reported that when Diaz got up to go to the restroom, John got at least 4 phone numbers. Last Tuesday, the pair were spotted having dessert at the French-Vietnamese restaurant Indochine. "It looked like a casual date," said a source. "She was giggly. She was laughing and seemed happy." Asked if the newly-close pair are dating, a source close to Mayer tells PEOPLE, "Yes, it's definitely true." Diaz, who is filming What Happens in Vegas... in New York, split from ... (more)

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Kids meals toys, made in China!

By manny osborne, published on Aug 18, 2007

last week I decided to take my niece to get a chicken nuggets kids meal, she loves chicken nuggets, to celebrate her first day at school, so we went to a fast food restaurant, I was enjoying a milk shake when she asked me if I could open her toy , I was about to open the plastic bag when I noticed the Made in China label, I went to the cashier and asked him for a different toy, that hasn't be made in China, "Sorry but all our toys are made in china" that's the answer I got from the employees, those were bad news to my little niece, I explained to her that we have to go shopping for a better... (more)

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A Simple Night

By Glenn T, published on Aug 15, 2007

...would have to, at some point, give way to the reality which, no doubt, lurked just beyond my sight. The music of footfalls and laughing sighs was trailing behind us - and it may very well have been, just for a second or two, the summer of 1992. Previously, I had sat in a sparsely attended restaurant bar, shared a stiff drink and a few rounds of surprisingly personal and comfortable conversation. I believe I smiled for the balance of my time there. I forced down my own prejudices and pre-conceived notions, and suspended my disbelief long enough to truly find out about someone - and for... (more)

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il Postale in Sunnyvale is Bellissimo

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 31, 2007

When you go to some select restaurants, it’s immediately apparent that you’re in experienced, professional hands almost the minute you enter. You can instantly sense from the way they do things that they’ve been serving food and drink for a long time. Too many places are inconsistent and offer a hit-or-miss dining experience. That’s why I love Il Postale in Sunnyvale. The minute you walk through the doors at Il Postale, it’s a great experience. With its brick walls and oak floors, the place just feels warm and comfortable. Located in a building that once housed Sunnyvale’s original... (more)

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Here Comes the Neighborhood

By Tina Dupuy, published on Jul 31, 2007

You used to be able to live in Los Angeles on the cheap. For struggling artists like me - it was ideal. You only needed one wardrobe (no winter coat necessary). Your heating costs were minimal. My horrible restaurant job provided health care. You could drive a crappy car. The under-two-dollar gas flowed like a river. And a listing for a squalid apartment that was affordable wouldn’t cost you $60 to find out about it. If this is any indicator, I knew people that were in there 30’s and didn’t have to have a roommate to be able to afford cable! It sounds amazing. But it happened. But times... (more)

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Yes Virginia, Vietnam Vets were spit on

By sanity check, published on Jul 19, 2007

...very simple and undisputed. U.S. Servicemen in Vietnam were accused of committing war crimes and killing innocent men, women and children in Vietnam as early as 1964. This was ingrained in the pop culture of the time. Don't think so? Find a 1966 rendition of Arlo Guthrie's song Alice's Restaurant and listen to it. Pay special attention to the parts about burning woman and children. Lembcke's own organization, Vietnam Veterans Against the War conducted the "Winter Soldier" tribunals in which Vietnam Veterans confessed to war crimes. John Kerry testified to Congress that these war... (more)

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Jeanty at Jack's in SF is A Magnificent Dining Experience

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 17, 2007

Jeanty at Jack’s is an amazing restaurant, offering everything you could possibly want from a dining experience -- great food in a memorable place. The building alone is worth visiting. But, once you taste one of Jeanty at Jack’s incredible creations, you’ll know why you’re there. Phillipe Jeanty, one of America’s finest chefs, has created a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere featuring classic French bistro cuisine that is expertly prepared and magnificently presented. Located in a three-story building that was constructed in 1864, Jeanty at Jack’s has 14-foot high ceilings,... (more)

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Zelo Pizzeria: Corny Goodness!

By pleasurepalate, published on Jul 12, 2007

Stepping into Zelo Pizzeria, you already get a good vibe. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with everything from quirky pizza-themed album covers to autographed skateboards from those famed skateboarding Z-Boys and even a portrait of Hank Williams. How eclectic is that! To the right of the entrance, a refrigerated case displaying deep dish pizza pans containing pre-built uncooked pizzas resides. As opposed to ordering a whole pizza, you can opt to order single slices, which they will cook to order. On the menu, there are 6 pizza standards that you can choose from: Sausage, Veggie,... (more)

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Restaurants Around the World Sue Bad Taste Food Critics

By Steven Lane, published on Jul 9, 2007

Last February, a restaurant critic in Philadelphia found himself the "meat and potatoes" of a lawsuit filed against him for libel. The owner of the steakhouse, "Chops", Alex Plotkin, took great umbrage over the Philadelphia Inquirer's food critic, Craig LaBan's, critical review. In the review, Plotkin referred to his $15 cut of beef as a "miserably tough and fatty strip steak." Owner, Plotkin, responded in his lawsuit, that he didn't even order a strip steak but instead ordered a "steak sandwich without bread." He continued, "No legitimate food critic would ever mistake, or compare a steak sandwich... (more)

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