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The Way Of The Farter

By cityfeller, published on Jan 8, 2008

...with an ideal environment for close engagement. It prevents the ready egress of targets, confining them to a small space from which they cannot escape without serious bodily injury or exposure to the elements.

After a movie with friends, or better yet, a burrito dinner at a Mexican restaurant, the car (preferably not your own) provides a place in which to catch one’s victims unawares. Lulled into contentment by a full belly or distracted by a discussion of a movie’s most exciting chase scenes, one’s targets are vulnerable as they cruise happily home.

One... (more)

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Tara's Kitchen

By wolviela, published on Jan 4, 2008

If your like me, I love to try new ethnic food. When I lived in the Bay area I met some Nepalese students who introduced me to the food of their native homeland, and took me to a good but pricey Tibet/Nepal restaurant. However, they worked the so the perks were awesome, yes that means free food.

A few months within moving to Los Angeles, I was craving this food. While driving around I spotted a place called Katmandu kitchen. However for some unknown reason, I never got there.

Two years later, I decided to try to find that place with a friend. We had picked a fabulous night,... (more)

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Venticello is Splendido!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jan 3, 2008

...talking about the whole package – the passion, the preparation, the stories behind the cuisine – I have always said that there is only one thing Italians like to do as much as eat. And that’s talking it. With that diatribe complete, I want to tell you about an Italian restaurant in San Francisco that represents everything that makes the food from this little boot-shaped peninsula the King of Cuisine. It’s called Venticello Ristorante (1257 Taylor Street @ Washington, SF, CA 94108; Phone: (415) 922-2545. Web site: We were there the other... (more)

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By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 28, 2007

...bothered to try and tip me – except for one gentleman. I refused his offer on the grounds that I was actually “just doing my job”. Later I found out I was not allowed to accept tips anyway, so it worked out for the better. Later, in college, I worked as a waiter at a restaurant. Tips were actually expected because where I lived at the time, the state only allowed restaurants to pay the state minimum wage with the difference between the state and federal made up in tips. (This was when the federal minimum wage was a whopping $3.35 per hour and the state in which I... (more)

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A Merry Christmas From The Champ

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Dec 26, 2007

... happens alot, I didn't know that. Jake: Oh yeah, I'm wanted all over the world they calling for me. Me: They still do huh, champ? Jake: Ahh! Me: They still do that huh, champ? Jake: Yeah, it gets boring after awhile, you know. Me: Really! Jake: yeah! Me: Even if you pick your favorite restaurant and I pay for it. I'd like to take you and Denise out. Jake: Don't go through that trouble. Don't go through that. Really, I appreciate it, but I can't do it. Me: ok. Jake: Thank you... Have a good holiday! Thank you very much. Me: ok, hey champ! Can I ask you one more thing? Jake: What? ... (more)

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File Under: Good Vibes

By Gary Schwind, published on Dec 19, 2007

... be there in February. We wouldn’t want to be there now because apparently, there’s four feet of snow out there. It’s a lot harder to get around the midwest in the winter. To answer your question…I don’t know. Probably a Laundromat next to a Chinese restaurant in TJ. That’d be a good time. If you’re putting a tour together, who are some bands you want to tour with? We had an opportunity to play with Fishbone. There’s some good bands that are still on the road. The Untouchables, The English Beat. They bring some of that... (more)

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Spaghetti That Just May Shock an Italian Mama!

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 17, 2007 and there, you'll see spaghetti dishes that you'd never expect to see coming out of any Italian Mama's kitchen. While you will see some standards like spaghetti Bolognese or spaghetti with clam sauce, there are other menu items that may just surprise you. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I liked the fact that there was an open kitchen. It was easy to see all the action. In a corner of the kitchen there was even an appliance that cooked the spaghetti in perfectly sized portions. Once you sat down, opening the menu was enough to set you in a tizzy of indecision. There... (more)

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Feasting At The Public Trough

By Mistress Doctor, published on Dec 13, 2007

...looking to slip between the cracks. That, for various reasons, an individual won’t or can’t work elsewhere. That would be two types of an individual. One being the individual who works the system to feast at the public trough. Get out of paying all the costs I, or a restaurant, or an attorney, or an artist, etc., have to pay. Another is a predator. A predator that creates a class to draw in their victims. The victims usually are children and women perceived to be desperate. The roster of classes offered by the Novato Parks and Recreation targets that... (more)

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Fried Chicken, Seafood and Donuts? Why Not?

By pleasurepalate, published on Nov 24, 2007

Now if you were driving down the street and passed by what looks like a real hole-in-the-wall restaurant that goes by the name Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken, Seafood and Donuts, wouldn't you stop by too to check it out? Well, I certainly did. I walk into a small space with plastic red booths on either side. In front of me, there's definitely a donut case to the right which gives credence to the restaurant name. To the left is the counter where you place an order, which is being taken by the Chinese family that owns the joint. While I was trying to decide what to get and even while I was finally... (more)

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Tasty Asian Offerings in Arcadia

By pleasurepalate, published on Nov 6, 2007

...where the food tends to be drowned in overly sweet sauces. Instead, when you walk inside the President Square Food Court, you'll see a lot of Asian customers which bodes well for the food that's sold there. Still looking for other options? Next door, you can find the Full House Seafood Restaurant and a Ten Ren's Tea Time House. On the other side of this food court, there's a large 99 Ranch Market that also has a section where you can order hot food to go. So if you're not exactly sure what you want for lunch or dinner, than stop by the President Square Food Court and maybe, you'll... (more)

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