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February's Featured Contributor - Pleasurepalate

By Digidave, published on Mar 1, 2008

...but so far, haven't been able to part with any creative control over them.

I see you like writing about food - when did that start? What is the favorite story you ever wrote about on this topic?

It's funny because I never thought of myself as a writer, let alone a restaurant writer. But a few years ago, I started hosting restaurant outings for an organization I was involved with at the time and eventually started my own dining group, Pleasure Palate. Suffice to say that when it came to eating out, I was quite prolific in the number of restaurants I would... (more)

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Top Bay Area Restaurants: A Fabulous Foursome

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 27, 2008

...of them. Prices are moderate, they have a quality wine list and kids are welcome. It gets loud when it's busy, but the food helps you forget about the added decibels.

Straits (San Francisco Centre, 4th Floor, 845 Market Street, Suite 597, SF 94103/Phone: (415) 668-1783 features food from Singapore expertly prepared and presented by renowned Chef/Owner Chris Yen. With a full menu of delights and an amazing Raw Bar, Straits is a cornucopia of incredible dishes that are pleasing to both the eyes and the palate as well. When we were there last month, we... (more)

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A Tip From Hilary Duff

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Feb 14, 2008

...'left eye' Lopez(R.I.P.) She gave me nothing but a pain in my ass.

Puff Daddy came to the building looking to buy a unit, but I guess it fell through because I never saw him again. Thank god, becauseI know he was going to be a handful.

At another valet job that I had was at a restaurant and Jennifer Lopez was filming a blockbuster failure called 'Enough'. At that time she was dating Chris Judd. She always had an entourage of people around her like she was a queen as oppose to Juliette Lewis who walk on/off the set by herself like a warrior.As I said before I've only been... (more)

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Three Great Nor Cal Restaurants

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 6, 2008

...features French and Mediterranean cuisine that is creative, flavorful and expertly prepared by Executive Chef Robert Curry. Winner of the "One Star Award: in 2007 from The Michelin Guide and the "Mobile Four Star Award," Auberge Du Soleil is considered one of the wine country's finest restaurants. The Prix Fixe tasting menu is outstanding, pairing excellent wines with outstanding signature dishes. Some of the selections from this menu include a starter like Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Crunchy Vegetables, Crème Fraiche, Sevruga Caviar, paired with a 2004 Nikolaihof "Hefeabzug" Gruner... (more)

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Building A Burger At The Counter!

By pleasurepalate, published on Feb 4, 2008

On a quest to check out some of LA's best burgers, I found myself at The Counter in Santa Monica. Having heard how busy this restaurant gets, I had my dining group meet me at least half an hour before they opened. While waiting, a couple of us started chatting with two other customers who actually drove from Bakersfield just because they had a burger craving specifically at The Counter. After hearing that, my expectations shot through the roof. That's long drive just for a meat patty in a bun. Those burgers must be stellar.

Finally, the doors opened and we swarmed in. Before... (more)

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The Great Coffee War... Big Mac, Starbucks Smackdown Coming

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 28, 2008 here, you know,the real stuff and a lot cheaper than what you can get in there," said the voice, as it looked furtively from side to side. "you need to ramble on over to the Golden Arches', tell'em Joey sent ya,they'll hook you right up."

McDonalds, the number one restaurant company in the world, has squared it's sights on the "premium" coffee market and isspecifically aiming too lay some real hurt on barista king, "Starbucks." On January 7Th, Corporate McDonalds confirmed it's intention to enter the caffeine gold rush in a grande way. It was reported thatBig Mac ... (more)

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The Little Mermaid Has Crabs And Flounders

By indrasghost, published on Jan 25, 2008

A family goes to a restaurant weekly. The parents enjoy dinner while their little girl watches DVD’s on a portable player through headphones. Parents get to converse and she catches her favorite flick—again. She cycles through a small library of modern Disney classics, but invariably settles on The Little Mermaid.

Now, based on the little girl’s general behavior, I venture to say that the DVD player is a babysitter (rather than an appeal to the inborn film genius that she could grow up to be)—she’s obnoxious. I would bet that the... (more)

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The Oki-dog That's More Than Just Okay!

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 18, 2008

...goes sometimes. Feeling in a contemplative mood, I decided to forgo the usual freeway rush home and decided to take a more leisure drive along Pico Boulevard, heading East. Having not had breakfast and lunch time near approaching, I decided that if I saw any interesting hole in the wall restaurant along the way, I'd stop for food.

It seemed like I was driving for a long time and with my stomach grumbling, nothing was catching my eye until I saw the sign simply stating "World Famous Oki-Dog." The neighborhood was a little dilapidated and this fast food joint looked a... (more)

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Atlanta: Southern Charm, World Class

By tnecvolfan2001, published on Jan 16, 2008

... as Mexican or Bar-b-que, but Atlanta is not really known for either. Soul food is as good here as about any you can get in the south and for fine dining, bring your credit card and you're in! But as much as food here is just that, food, Atlanta is a great place for patio seating. Nearly every restaurant that covets a great location has a patio, usually open to the street, which makes you feel like you're part of the neighborhood.Finally, Atlanta is a beautiful city with a beautiful skyline. Its a place where you're likely to hear someone calling you 'hon, or dear. Its also a place where... (more)

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Wilmington Nc Is The Next Hollywood?

By sanity check, published on Jan 15, 2008

... get big bucks from the Trial Lawyers Association and the Insurance industry to keep this law on the books.

A while back (2002), a black woman ran for mayor. That didn’t sit well with the locals so they assigned a deputy to watch the candidate and every time she came out of a restaurant and got in her car, she was stopped and given a Breathalyzer test.

Without an ongoing beach replenishment project to deposit large amounts of sand on a constantly eroding shoreline, Wrightsville Beach would have ceased to exist. The project is funded by both the federal and state... (more)

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