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Irreverent Musical To Roast San Francisco Seeks Talent.

By SF Follies, published on Nov 20, 2008

...Listen to a sample of the singing and comedy at

Bisceglie (38) a San Jose native, is no stranger to the Follies. In 1995, he created and produced the long running San Jose Follies and San Jose Follies Strikes Back that played at both Bella Mia Restaurant and the Victory Theater in Downtown San Jose for two years.

For years Bisceglie had always wanted to create a Follies production for San Francisco. Over the past 12 months he has been busy developing SF'ss own Follies with coauthor and friend Jason Tarshis. Tarshis also co-wrote... (more)

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Polish Restaurants Offer Cheap, Hardy Fare

By cityfeller, published on Nov 2, 2008

November 11 is Polish Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a hardy meal at one of Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s remarkably inexpensive Polish restaurants. In keeping with Greenpoint’s working-class character, these sparsely appointed, family-run establishments offer huge portions for $5 to $8. Dishes typically revolve around a piece of veal, pork, beef, chicken, or fish and include a starch like mashed potatoes or kasha (buckwheat), and assorted side salads.

The Happy End Polish Cuisine This 20 year-old restaurant features countertop dining and little... (more)

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Smooth Grooves At "taste Of Soul"

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 22, 2008

...hosted and presented some roof raising gospel music from the likes of Holy Boy, Chaz, Wayne Brady, Leigh Jones, Tony Rich Project, Andre Delano, and Kenny Lattimore to name a few.

Blues and Comedy was featured in an outdoor nightclub setting sponsored by The J Spot Comedy Club and Restaurant. Barbara Morrison and The Sai Whatt Band entertained the crowd with some original R&B and Blues.

The TV One Tent featured a cooking demonstration with G. Garvin. This was also the site for the Town Hall, Round Table Discussion with an emphasis on topics of a political nature of... (more)

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By Glenn T, published on Oct 8, 2008

...a court order to wear a properly sized one-piece jumpsuit for two weeks… with your correct sizes printed on the outside so you won’t forget them (nor will any of your friends).

No Obstreperous Behavior. To be posted in all coffee shops, and non-fast-food, non-chain-restaurants. These are places where the conversational noise level is not only comfortable, it’s desirable. If I wanted peace and quiet, I’d stay home. I’m out at these places to hear the rattle and hum of human interaction. Well, adult human interaction, that is. I’ll bet the ... (more)

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Happy Endings

By tmoya, published on Sep 12, 2008

... nights before Bottle Shock, I sat down in front of my flat screen with Love Actually in the DVD player. Once again drawn to a happy ending – every time I watch this film I can’t help sitting with this goofy grin while Colin Firth proposes marriage to the Brazil girl in the crowded restaurant.

Confession time, I am a happy endings addict. I cannot get enough, the hokier and more improbable the happy ending the higher the rush. The onset of my addiction occurred early in life. Probably in the late sixties after watching Stella Stevens and Rosalind Russell make up at the ... (more)

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Mole Heaven At Casa De Moles "La Tia"

By pleasurepalate, published on Aug 31, 2008

...with one of my favorite foodie blogger, Teenage Gluster, who, by luck, discovered Casa de Moles "La Tia" and did a write-up on his blog. Click here to read that entry. After I read his post, where he was waxing poetically about the unique moles offered by Chef Owner Rocio Camacho at her restaurant like Pistachio, Coffee, Tamarind, Passionfruit, etc., my palate went into over drive. I've certainly had my share of moles in the past, with the most unusual one being a Blackberry Mole at La Casita Mexicana, but never like the ones I read about on TG's blog entry. I knew I had to go. I... (more)

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King Of Clean

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 12, 2008


Perhaps my guilty pleasure of the past may be changed to “I’d like a rubber ducky combo with a diet Coke, no drain hair.” (Or insert the latest licensed movie toy for the ducky.)

In the heart of family values and Midwest ideals, a Burger King employee took a bath in the restaurant’s kitchen sink. Then the brilliant fellow named as “Mr. Unstable” posted his bath video on the Internet. I guess he did BK his way.

NBC 2 On Your Side reported the story at detailing the local health inspector’s interest and... (more)

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Waterbar Does Spectacular Seafood

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 11, 2008

...I’ve ever eaten, the Waterbar is a new gem in San Francisco that represents all of the culinary greatness, creativity and passion this city’s food scene has to offer. Highly successful restaurateur Pat Kuleto has designed a place that has it all. Kuleto has now opened eight restaurants in the Bay Area that all do incredible business. And garner top reviews. It seems as though everything the man touches turns into gold and Waterbar is surely no exception.

The restaurant seats 275 diners in two dining rooms, a private dining area upstairs and an outside patio that... (more)

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A Taste Of New Orleans In Los Angeles

By Kim, published on Aug 4, 2008

...from Bar-B-Que to Soul, and Los Angeles to New Orleans style cooking. There are also opportunities to hear rare narratives about the "City of the Angels" from local residents.

It is on this street at 4317 Degnan, you'll find "New Orleans Vieux Carre Creole Cuisine”. The restaurant was opened on June 22, 2008 by a native New Orleans family who now reside in Leimert Park.

When you enter the festively adorned restaurant, you are warmly greeted by a host. The vivid artistry on the walls of various native Jazz musicians and specific places take you back to... (more)

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Customer Service Reaches New Lows As Prices Soar

By Heather Renee, published on Jul 25, 2008

...of the sites are anonymous and quite easy to navigate; they are relatively quick and worth the two cents you have to put in. Those who are afraid to sell themselves out on the internet can also take a moment to write comments on comment cards, which are also readily available in most retail/restaurant locales. Also, take the liberty to speak with a manager when you haven't been served to your standards.

Chronic complaining is not the goal, however every time poor service is ignored, companies are mislead into believing that they are serving the public satisfactorily and ultimately... (more)

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