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Tasty Shanghai Travels

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 23, 2007

After hearing all the raves about Green Village, I finally made it out to dinner there last month. The "fanciness" of the restaurant interior with its gold and orange color scheme lost some of the elegant feel with the addition of flat screen TVs on the walls. What is it with flat screen TVs at Asian restaurants? Shouldn't the experience be about enjoying the food and the company as opposed to watching various Asian variety shows? Oh well, I digress; let's get on to the food. After being seated and having settled down a bit, we were given the menu. This menu was no short story. It was an... (more)

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Wild in the City

By Kantanquer, published on Jan 22, 2007

...ocean. If you look east you can’t miss the newly renovated Griffith Park observatory - another landmark from the golden era worthy of at least one visit. The Ranch offers several rides, trails and prices for each. By far the most popular is the midnight ride over to a Mexican restaurant in Burbank - best on the evening of the full moon. After winding through the hills on the Hollywood side of the park, you’ll start descending down into the Valley. You’ll get an unusual view of the semi-arid landscape in pale moonlight and undoubtedly hear the call of the... (more)

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Tom Brady could possibly ruin your life

By Shawn Norris, published on Jan 19, 2007

... the world has ever seen? Well this guy won 3 rings while billions watched and he's not even 30 yet! The guy's last Super Bowl story dwarfs the greatest story you've ever told her. And remember those times when you and her used to sit outside and laugh while having romantic dinners at that restaurant on the lake? Well, Tom Brady just bought that restaurant. Tom Brady is a hero to millions and is now dating you ex-girlfriend. Tom FREAKING Brady! And it slowly dawns on you that she won't coming back. He will give her money and fame and anything her little heart desires. She has now... (more)

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Mom's Home Cooking: Filipino-Style

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 12, 2007

Being Filipino, I'm very picky about Filipino food. At every Filipino restaurant I go to, the litmus test for me is that after having eaten there, I ask myself, is the food there as good as Mom's cooking. It doesn't even matter to me whether it's a particular dish that my Mom has made or not. It's more about the food matching up to my Mom's high standards. Recently, I went with my dining group for the first time to check out Alejandro's in the Glassell Park area and wow, was I impressed! The food there was outstanding and every thing we ordered, I could easily see on my Mom's dining table ready... (more)

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The Beautiful Failure of Chop Suey Cafe

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 6, 2007

...Chop Suey Cafe in Little Tokyo. With beautiful neon signage outside and cherry wood enclosures with 1930s-vintage wooden chairs inside, you're brought back to days gone by. With its detailed restoration, Chop Suey Cafe is truly a gift back to the community - a community that once made this restaurant, when it was known as Far East Cafe, the main cultural center pre-World War II. With rumors of Chop Suey Cafe being a favorite haunt of author, Raymond Chandler, one wonders what ideas he may have come up with for his novels while dining there. There's a lot to like about Chop Suey Cafe.... (more)

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To the Top of Eagle Rock: Hiking in Los Angeles

By V, published on Dec 28, 2006 . On the edge of the other side of the township, while still on Topanga Canyon Blvd., you will come to a set of traffic lights at the juncture of Topanga School Rd. Continue through the lights, being careful to stay on Topanga Canyon Blvd.. . On your left, you will come upon a seafood restaurant called, ‘Froggy’s.’ At this restaurant, turn right onto the very steep, narrow and winding,‘Hillside Drive.’ Beware of children playing in the street. Play close attention to staying on ‘Hillside Drive,’ as it can surreptitiously meander into... (more)

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50s Daze (or Days) at Dal Rae Steakhouse

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 27, 2006

Did you know that the 1950s never left Dal Rae in Pico Rivera? In fact, as I was driving up Washington Blvd, I already knew I was going somewhere special. From a few streets away, I could already see the tall beautiful neon sign with the restaurant name in blazing red lights. No cheesy backlit plastic for Dal Rae. It was class all the way. Upon entering the lobby, I was greeted by live music in the bar and two hostesses, who with their almost bouffant hair-dos helped set the stage for my 50s time warp. Inside the bustling restaurant, my eyes took in the wood paneled walls and the black leather... (more)

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Coup de Grace for Foie Gras Geese

By V, published on Dec 13, 2006

Last night I sat forward on my ever so soft leather dining chair, in the wine cellar of a dimly lit, expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills, whose decor evoked the spirit of a Free Mason’s get together at a Swedish sweat lodge, and I took in the culinary arrangement that a model/waiter had placed before me. It was at that moment that I was overcome with a plague of guilt. It wasn’t the fact that I was eating a $47 piece of one of the best Kobe beef fillet mignons I’ve ever had (cooked to perfection ‘blue’ as I ordered), when there are 20 billion people who live below the poverty line.... (more)

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Everyone has a stray dog story

By davina, published on Dec 8, 2006

...a dog to fit inside my miniscule one bedroom apartment, in a building that doesn't allow dogs. Not to mention my cat who had a zero dog-tolerance policy. Anyway, being the softy I am I find myself at the shelter where Renee had placed the pooch she found while walking out of a Teriyaki Restaurant in Winnetka of all places, how ironic. I looked at him, he looked at me and then walked to the back of the cage and laid down. Incarcerated and already depressed after just a few hours of life behind bars. Weeks went by and when nobody came to get the pooch there I was with Renee on... (more)

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Tested As Clean

By AM Nelson, published on Dec 7, 2006

In Orange Lake, CA reports of city-wide infestation have been increasing. Shaney’s restaurant has taken a proactive approach upon hearing of cockroach swarms in the employee locker room. Management ordered cotton-swab samples to be taken from multiple roaches. Thorax, leg, and eye swabs were examined. The roaches were reportedly clean from all infectious diseases. “The roaches have a clean bill of health. Servers will have to get over their prejudices and learn to get along,” stated Assistant Manager Wills Walkings. Across the street at Rose’s Café, owner and manager Rose Rock... (more)

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