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Pres A Vi: Hip, Hyped and Half-Bad

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 14, 2007

We were looking for a memorable restaurant where we could celebrate our third-year anniversary, so we decided to give Pres a Vi in San Francisco’s Presidio a try. Pres a Vi loosely translates to "captivated by wine" in Spain's Catalan language. I had heard nothing but incredible things about Chef Kelly Degala's menu of eclectic international small plate selections. People have been gushing accolades galore about Pres a Vi since it opened last December, so we’d heard a lot about the inventive menu, amazing atmosphere, great bar, professional service and the large international wine list complete... (more)

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Workin' 9 to 5...not a way to make a living?

By DarleneRH, published on Apr 13, 2007

... "big city office job" are constantly expanding? When I chose this line of work at the ripe young age of 23 or so, I simply did not realize that eventually I would be expected to not have a life outside of the office. Not to mention, I'm only in this line of work because I chose "office" over "restaurant" or "apartmentally challenged." Everyone from the CEO to the Receptionists seems to be coming in earlier and staying later. The hours posted for open positions have gone from "9 to 5 with potential for overtime" to "8:30 to 6 plus major overtime." In some cases, both Managers and Assistants... (more)

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The Slanted Door: A New Angle on Vietnamese Cuisine

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 9, 2007

Anybody who is even half a foodie in San Francisco knows about The Slanted Door. Located in the northeast corner of the restored Ferry Building, The Slanted Door is small – it only seats 150 for lunch and dinner with a 34-seat cocktail lounge/bar -- which is not enormous when it comes to a restaurant. But, the place’s reputation for incredibly inventive food in an awe-inspiring setting is huge. The Slanted Door is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that features local produce and ecologically farmed meat, game and poultry that’s raised at farms throughout the Bay Area. The Phan family opened... (more)

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I thought I Was Invited!

By vundula, published on Apr 8, 2007

"It's your honor," said Rob, his voice raised above the restaurant chatter. "Tell the waitress what you're gonna have."

"I'll have Rump steak, well done, with baked potato."

"And for a drink?" asked the waitress.

"l'l' try a Bud," I said. "I hear it's great."

The rest of the group gave their orders and the chattering resumed. I had arrived in New York City in the fall of 1967 to attend graduate school. Being the only non white and foreign student in the class, my American classmates saw me as a spectacle. They were curious and had many questions running in their... (more)

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Swiming in Flavors: Aqua in SF

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 5, 2007 San Francisco) doesn’t really appeal to me either. So, when a close friend invited Angelina and I to a place called Aqua, I was skeptical. I looked at the menu online and saw a lot of expensive-sounding, very fancy entrees, and I thought, uh-oh – this is just the kind of restaurant I have attempted to avoid. Well, first impressions can be wrong, and I’m happy to say I had nothing to worry about. Aqua is amazing! The food, the atmosphere, the service, the whole package – all the way from the table cloths to the glassware to the plates – this... (more)

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Xiao Long Baos: Won Ton Soup in Reverse!

By pleasurepalate, published on Apr 2, 2007

For those who are afficianados of Shanghai Cuisine, the word "Xiao Long Bao" may be a familiar term, but for many of you where a visit to a Chinese restaurant usually finds you ordering old stand-bys like Orange Chicken and Egg Foo Young, the word "Xiao Long Bao" may evoke something mysterious and maybe, even just a little bit scary. It's now time to let the mystery unfold. So what exactly is a "Xiao Long Bao?" To start, the literal translation for xiao long bao is "little basket bun." Since XLBs are traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets, the name is quite fitting. Now you know the literal... (more)

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Italians taking North Beach back for the younger generation

By pennylane986, published on Mar 30, 2007

The rumble of restaurant owners espousing their fine Italian cuisine, tourists mingled with locals bantering in sidewalk cafes, and a wild mix of colors as varied as the famed Italian gelato tempting passers-by through café windows welcomes you to San Francisco’s North Beach. Long time residents and business owners of the city’s North Beach, affectionately known as Little Italy, feel that Chinatown is encroaching on their neighborhood, causing the area to be smaller than it has ever been. Young Italian blood is moving back into the neighborhood, taking over restaurants and delis with skills... (more)

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Misrepresentation is killing me

By Don Saliano, published on Mar 26, 2007

...from what i ordered. The so called "warm" tart was fresh out of the fridge, gelato was coconut or something and the red currant sauce was strawberry and there was only enough on the plate for one bite. "What the hell man?" (that quote from my man Stewie on Family Guy) Any positives the restaurant had earned up to this point were really brought down. The good food has now been washed out of my memory by the total lack of attention by the kitchen, or pastry department. Anyway, i'm not trying to bring down Straits specifically, they just happened to be fresh in my memory from yesterday, ... (more)

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Zagora has Moroccan that's Mo Rockin'

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 22, 2007

They say variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to eating out, I couldn’t agree more. There are so many restaurants out there that serve the same exact stuff that it gets really old. Certain entrees become popular, and all of a sudden every joint in town jumps on the bandwagon. If I see one more Chicken Caesar Salad, Panini Sandwich or Veggie Lasagna on a menu, I will scream. I go out to eat because I want to try new and exciting flavors, not for things I can make at home or get to go from my local Pasta Pomodoro or Applebee’s. That’s why the idea of Moroccan food made by real... (more)

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Okonomiyaki: Japanese Pancakes at Gaja

By pleasurepalate, published on Mar 22, 2007

When my friend first mentioned the word "okonomiyaki" to me, I have to admit to giving her a blank stare. "What in the world is that?" I asked. So then she started talking about Japanese pancakes and cooking it at the restaurant and that shed some light, but it still was a bit confusing to me. I think what threw me off was just the notion of Japanese pancakes in general. Like a lot of people, pancakes for me brought up a vision of a stack of sweet bready goodness topped with pats of butter and doused with maple syrup. Somehow I didn't think that Japanese pancakes or okonomiyaki as they are... (more)

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