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Trastevere Almost A Travesty

By D. E. Carson, published on May 25, 2009

On the corner of Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Boulevard stands a large imposing edifice housing an Italian restaurant named Trastevere Ristorante Italiano. The place is decorated in a fashion befitting a good old, authentic Italian restaurant. It has the plaster walls complete with cracks to give it that “Old World” feel. Included in the restaurant is an al fresco dining area and large front windows that fold open like old fire station doors that open the place up to make for a great dining experience.The food is prepared as one might expect. I had a standby: pepperoni... (more)

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Shame On Shaan

By wolviela, published on May 18, 2009

...recently Earth shooken Los Angeles, I come home once a month to visit.

Usually we go shopping, movie or dinner. You know the mother/daughter stuff.

My neighborhood that grew up in has had interesting changes over the last 30 years, and I’m glad to see some diversified restaurants crop up in the Dimond District of Oakland. Sure there have been others, but didn’t stay too long and there is one more that will be soon be going down this path.

So I was excited when an Indian Restaurant cropped up on Fruitvale Avenue. Shaan. It advertised North and South... (more)

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It's Alive!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 14, 2009

...environmentalists preaching “save the planet” while serving us this barely edible, extremely bland fare. Not so. Everything we sampled at Alive! was delicious, packed with flavors and featured organic produce and ingredients that are local, seasonal and regional.

The restaurant’s modern Zen dining room and hidden urban garden made us feel supremely comfortable almost instantly. The knowledgeable and very professional wait staff at Alive! are true followers of the raw food movement, but they aren’t pushy about it—they know their stuff and can answer ... (more)

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Karma Kitchen: An Experiment In Gratitude

By john robertson, published on Mar 2, 2009 again.

Having gotten over the fact that we didn't care much for the meal we moved onto the conundrum of "paying it forward"; the emphasis being on the "payment".

"Personally, I am not going to pay more than it would have cost me to have a lunch special at any other Indian restaurant on this street," I said evenly. "I think that is reasonable."

 "Well, the portions were much smaller than any lunch special I've ever had anywhere" Kelly C. pointed out.

"The food was pretty boring," Angela B put it bluntly.

Just then the waiter returned to our... (more)

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Fellini: Real Food For Real People

By john robertson, published on Feb 16, 2009

...and I was vegetarian for a couple of years in college myself. However, I was never one of those vegetarians who forgot what meat tasted like, and I never ate tofu and believed it was meat.I have a loved one who was often times guilty of this trick of the mind. Once we went to a vegan chinese restaurant in so cal, and we had vegan sweet and sour pork, vegan tin foil duck, and vegan mongolian beef. It was bad enough that it wasn't anything real chinese people would actually order, but made metaphorical by the fact that it wasn't even real meat. My friend kept saying, "Mmmm. Oh my god! Doesn't ... (more)

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Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?...Family Style

By Kim, published on Jan 27, 2009

...thoughtful and engaging attendants, music ranging from Kenny G. to oldies from the seventies.

The manager is "Gus"; a well-known and loved owner makes it his business to greet customers individually if you come in on his shift. He has decided to do what he loves and open a restaurant neighborhood resturant with a feel of home. In fact, Gus welcomes the customers as if they were guests coming to his abode for food and fellowship.

An embracing atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door furnished in lively decor and with attractive plants. The seating is ample and ... (more)

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The Gift Of Unemployment

By Lumiere, published on Jan 24, 2009

...buttheconstant traveling began to lose it's luster as I found myself far removed from family, friends and the people I loved.On one occasionI found myself staying athe HiltonHotel in the small town of Toledo, Ohio for five weeks. There was one mall in this town, lots of corn, a Hooters restaurant and a very large medical hospital directly across the street from my room which was located on the first floor. Around 3 am one night, I woke suddenly from my sleep to the scent of a very strong chemical and sulphur type smell permeating the air and immediately felt nauseous. I rose in the... (more)

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Now This Is A Happy Hour!

By Kim, published on Dec 15, 2008

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, on 5th and Figueroa sits a marvelous restaurant.

Ciudad, is a superb experience in dining. Its best known for its authentic Latin flavors that include succulent temptations from Cuba, South America, and Central America.

The drink menu presents a fantastic selection of mixed drinks, wines, and... very smooth, sleek, and splendid drink known as " Supremo Mojito." It is true to its name.

I'd add to this list a friendly and sensitive clientele, wonderful ambience, cool music (Wednesday... (more)

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Don't Gnocch It Until You've Tried It!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 4, 2008

The North Beach section of San Francisco has some of the most famous Italian restaurants in the country. Words like “authentic”, “old school” and “home style” come to mind when you talk about North Beach Italian cuisine. Just walking through North Beach is a wonderful experience—it’s like NY/SF meets Italy. With Italian bakeries, delis, pizzerias and trattorias on every block, the sights, smells and sounds of this quaint little neighborhood are a delight for all the senses.

The other night, we visited North Beach to dine at Firenze by... (more)

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Ashoka, The Great (price On Your Wallet)

By wolviela, published on Nov 25, 2008

...eating out much these days. Lately when I have gone out the portions are not worth the price of the plate its served on.

However if you are a fan of Indian food, take a trek down to the Artesia/Cerritos area. Along the bustling main street of Pioneer Blvd you will see a mirad of Indian restaurants, Saree shops, and sweet shops. Among one of these is a nice restaurant called Ashoka.

This restaurant is also a saving grace if you have vegetarian friends and always in the dilema where to eat inordder to satisfy both your hungers.

For about $10 you can get what the hindustani's ... (more)

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