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Ten Things You Can Do Right Now To Find Your Perfect Mate

By Simpanique, published on Jan 1, 2012

...for finding the love of your life.

2. Ok, available now. Next…are you “ready?”

Any unfinished business that might sabotage your next relationship? Legal, financial, emotional, kids, ex, employment? Get it handled!

3. Next, make a list of your top five “requirements.”

Requirements are non-negotiable deal-breakers; what you must have or must not have in your relationship. Vow not to get involved with anyone that doesn’t meet all five. Share your list with your closest friends, and make them swear to tell you the truth and hold you... (more)

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The Writer's 10 Commandments

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Dec 29, 2009

And Lo, Mattu went to the top of the mountain, and there was in the presence of the Lord. And there Mattu saw many strange signs and cried, "Lord, is that a burning bush?"

"Nay," replied the Lord, "It is but cgi, for I am now eco-friendly."

And Mattu was sore afraid for the power of the Lord was revealed to him. And the Lord said, "Mattu, thou art a scribe and have the ear of the scribes of the world. Therefore I give to thee these Commandments, that thou shalt pass them to thine fellow scribes, that they shall know what their Lord requires of them."

And Mattu searched... (more)

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