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Muslims Need To Ignore The Bait From Far Right

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 7, 2010

...laugh as the dollars fall from the sky from other far right nutbags.

Don't give them their moment in the sun. Let them burn all the books they want. It means absolutely nothing in the greater scheme of things, and once we all understand that it's done to sow hatred of others and to further divide and conquer, the easier it will become to shove these idiots aside. Because burning books and hate speech can never take away from anyone's religion, the glory and the hope all religious people have for the afterlife and the peace and goodwill most religious folks have for life on earth.


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Aristotle and the Science of the Church

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 5, 2010

(Continues from: Church and Science: the battle begins)

Once the Church assumed political power, its interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures was the only science permitted. Whenever a new philosophy was adopted, it became an inseparable part of the Holy Teachings, impossible to question or challenge.

No philosopher dominated the Holy Teachings more than the Greek philosopher Aristotle (BC 384–322): the most renowned student of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the Great. His collection of lectures, covering the entire field of knowledge known in the Mediterranean world of his... (more)

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And By Their Fruit I Shall Know Them

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 3, 2010

These few words spoken by Jesus should be all the knowledge required to be able to discern between the false prophet and the ones who truly can lay claim to the title of Christian. There were no caveats to this statement, something that said unless you claim to be a leader of politics or religion. No exemptions to the teachings of Jesus were handed out, but yet, throughout history, men and women both have claimed some form of divine communication that others can not hear, seen visions of God that no one else has seen, and been given new and ever more twisted commandments to enforce on the followers... (more)

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Make A Wish When Death Calls

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 28, 2010

This is probably the hardest story that I have ever attempted to write, and do so because of another blogger on MSNBC who asked me my story, and to whom I gave no answer. I write it because of another story she wrote that dealt with the subject of letting go, something that touched me, and caused a stirring of warmth just large enough to allow me to attempt this. She'll know who she is if she ever reads this.

My son was four years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The shock that his mother and I felt at that moment is a feeling that I don't believe time will ever erase. Sure,... (more)

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Church and Science: the battle begins

By ranfuchs, published on Aug 28, 2010

This article follows: Science and Religion: the real question

Must scientific and religious viewpoints collide, or can there be consistent description of the universe in which each is equally valid? To answer this question, let’s start by exploring the origin of this rivalry.

In ancient Rome, Christianity was a persecuted secret society, and it was not uncommon for emperors to turn the people against the Christians at times of trouble. But when in the year 310, General Constantine, divinely inspired to take the cross as his standard, won the battle against general Maxentius –... (more)

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A Woman's Love: Boy v Man

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 23, 2010

...with a boy.

I had no choice though. Really, I didn't. I don't even like being in relationships. I like being single, being free. But the boy was so tempting. Four years of being tempted to drink forbidden waters and well I liked everything about him, except the fact he wasn't in my religion.

I looked at the man in the driver's seat and listened as he told me about my problems and my issues. I was hurt to hear him repeat them, even though we both knew.

"Take off your rose colored glasses already, and I'll drive them over with my van, till they crunch"

"It's... (more)

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By Robert Simms, published on Aug 22, 2010

A recent poll conducted by The Pew Forum reveals that 18% of Americans believe that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Imagine that.The poll also shows that only 34% say that Obama is a Christian. Personally, I fall in with the 43% of Americans who do not know what religion the President follows.This poll was conducted prior to Obama's recent statements regarding the Ground Zero Mosque and it would be interesting to see if those percentages have changed.Joshua DuBois, who Time magazine once called "Obama's pastor-in- Chief", is a bit surprised by the poll numbers. According to... (more)

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YES but NO

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 17, 2010























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Death, yet it comes.

By Left Aside, published on Jul 10, 2010

Years, I havepassing in but a moment.Finality is inevitableforget escaping,understanding is a myth, and answers are but a joke.Evidence is not in the makingnor in the mix.Presume what you mightsleep well,sleep tight.


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Science and Religion: the real question

By ranfuchs, published on Jun 12, 2010

In the outer rim of a 200 billion stars galaxy, a blue planet, earth, is traveling at a staggering speed of over 100,000 kilometers per hour. It would have disappeared in the vastness of space, if it were not for a mysterious and invisible force of gravity that keeps it orbiting, for all eternities, round a medium-size yellow sun, 150 million kilometers away.

Every 176 years, four other planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, are lined up on the same side of the sun. This was not known to the ancient astronomers and astrologers, whose picture of the universe did not include Uranus... (more)

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