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Constitution 101 - The Second Amendment

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 24, 2006

...1812). Therefore, the Constitution declared that American citizens were entitled to protection from external threats. …the right of the people… Meaning, the citizenry of the United States – ALL citizens of the United States – possess this right, regardless of age, religion, race, economic status, or heritage. This is not some privilege that can be arbitrarily negated at the whim of some crazed lunatic seeking to amass all governmental power. This is a specific right guaranteed to the citizens of this nation without prejudice. …to keep and bear... (more)

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Holy Horrific Hodgepodge!!!

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 20, 2006

Here is a collection of short pieces from the strange and wacky world of religion, both past and present. The Aztecs honored people by remitting them directly to the gods. The only problem was, you had to have heart surgery first. So to “prepare” the sojourners for the trek, Aztec priests would rip the lucky participants chests open and tear their hearts out. To dedicate a new temple, Aztec king Ahuitzol sacrificed 80,000 tickers to the gods. In the 13th century, thousands of French children believed a shepherd boy who asserted to having seen visions of Christ. The kiddies trailed the boy... (more)

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Keeping Religion out of Technological Achievement

By Charles Harmison, published on Nov 18, 2006

...their congressmen and senators to dismiss the first clause of the 1st Amendment to the constitution. Often called the Establishment Clause, it is these ten words which attempt to separate the church from the state. In most cases the second clause called the Free Exercise clause protecting religion from the state is more often considered the most important portion of this amendment. However, protecting the state from religion is becoming more and more necessary as scientific achievement brings forth advances which religious leaders feel are an affront to their God. Whether it is... (more)

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Note to Bono: World Saving 101

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 10, 2006

...Aids day(again, certainly laudable), comprises the new one-two punch of saving the world. Up until about 500 years ago, the entire world was essentially in the same boat. The entire world slumbered, throughout medieval times and the middle ages under the somnolent fog of superstition and religion. All light, all thought, all science, all reason, all rationality were swept aside and crushed under this theological tsunami. Then about 500 years ago, The Renaissance, Da Vinci, later the Enlightenment, all that good stuff. Suddenly, mankind had found its head again, science began to take... (more)

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The Lonely Atheist

By Hassassin, published on Nov 6, 2006

...of using it. If that is a little too cut and dry for you (which again would be ironic), I will simply say that the prioritization of quantitative knowledge has allowed the pursuit of qualitative knowledge to slip through the cracks. Now with regards to the preferred avenue of pursuit, religion has been attacked voraciously since its inception. Not that it’s difficult to attack religion, it’d be like sifting through a million essays and choosing to respond to the worst paragraph. I’ll be the first to agree that organized religion is in many ways flawed, but those ... (more)

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No, Father

By Mark Barkawitz, published on Nov 6, 2006

NO, FATHER by Mark Barkawitz Back when I was a little kid, attending Catholic grammar school, it was the nuns who pretty much ran the place. Oh sure, the priests were the church leaders. It’s a very patriarchal religion. But in the classroom or out on the playground, it was the ladies in their black habits who punished our youthful indiscretions by sending us to the bench for our lunch-hour or to detention after school and on weekends. Or cracked our knuckles with a ruler. And aptly titled, it was Sister Superior—principal of the school—who handed down the most and the harshest... (more)

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It's Time for a (Sexual) Revolution

By ZenGrrrl, published on Nov 1, 2006

...magazines, and on billboards creates a schizophrenia: "This is sexiness, but you’ll never achieve it—it's only a fantasy." "This is what sex is but only in fantasies, not in the real world." "This is how you talk about sex: by not talking about it." From the tenets of organized religion to the liposuction aura of Hollywood, we are bombarded with sex messages but given no mentorship. We have no support systems that address the singular act that has brought every human being—six billion of us—into existence. It is the very act that drives the continuance of our... (more)

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Ten Morals Fathers Should Bestow Upon Their Sons

By Jesse Lee, published on Sep 16, 2006

...the philosopher and the sentimental schmuck. These ten easy to live by morals are things I must first strive for in myself before I can hope to see them in my son. 1. Tolerate the ignorant because they don’t know any better. Tolerance is word that normally pertains to race, creed or religion. But we must also tolerate the ignorant, who do not practice tolerance themselves 2. Money does not grow on trees, but opportunity does. It takes hard work to make a good living and luck rarely has any thing to do with it. There are opportunities every where you look, all you have to do is... (more)

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Lonelygirl15: A New Era of Entertainment

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 9, 2006

...these video blogs on YouTube and Myspace and in doing so, has attracted legions of followers desperate to learn anything about her. Details about LG15 are scarce but, we do know she is home schooled, doesn't have many friends, has elusive, strict parents and is involved in a strange, un-named religion. You can't have a teenage girl without a teenage boy somewhere in the picture. Enter Daniel, her only friend who comes by to crash on Bree's bed quite frequently and read magazines while she babbles on about Pluto, physics, "proving science wrong" or how she was selected to take part in a... (more)

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