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Hold The Ju: Trains Won't Keep A-Rolling Soon

By GreatMinds, published on May 17, 2007

...other in booths. Clearly, South Korea regards North Korea more highly than the Kim officially regards South Korea. There's no mystery to that, in spite of the fact that North Korea remains one of the darkest places on the planet in terms of quality of life, freedom of press and speech and religion, and basic access to food. South Korea longs to help its northern neighbor. But, don't look for Korean wine, called ju in the Korean language, to be tasted in routinely staged events on rails between the nations anytime soon. North Korea is still in the chokehold of Kim Jong Il. South... (more)

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Christ & Choquette: What a Claim! Jews and Christians Beware

By Savattra, published on May 8, 2007

...a woman and a mother of two children. Choquette has lectured in a few Unity Church of Christianity places and encourages readers in her True Balance book to heal their seventh chakra by finding an open minded church. As a Roman Catholic who did her undergraduate degree in comparative world religion, I know that the liberal Christianity of Unity and Agape is Christianity without moral rules. Choquette lives in a morally ambiguous world because she has stated that even in a first degree murder event (premeditated at that)on some level the killer and victim choose that reality. Lets pray... (more)

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Katie Holmes: Devising an Exit Strategy?

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 3, 2007

...In fact, virtually everyone on the couple's staff is a Scientologist. Says the source, "Everyone who works with Tom is technically minding Katie." So why does Katie stay? What will Suri's life be like growing up as a Scientologist? What did Tom's ex, Nicole Kidman, think about Scientology? Why doesn't Holmes do the right thing and hook up with a nice Catholic/Jewish/Protestant boy whose religion isn't based on communication with extraterrestials? (Please Note: This article is more than 50% fiction with the remainder being pure conjecture. In no way should any of this be taken seriously.) (more)

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That Big Dyke Is Stealing Our Women!!!

By Rev. F, published on Apr 30, 2007

...the "sunshine" version of God that had been hammered into my head since birth. But up to that point I had a kernel of faith in a Greater Consciousness, or something similar, that kept score and only allowed you to experience what you could handle. All that sh*t went out the window after my encounter with the living skeleton. I had looked over The Edge and into The Abyss. But when I die, I really hope I will be proven wrong. Why? Because I'd like to walk up to the All-Knowing, All-Feeling God of Religion...look Him in the eye...and kick him squarely in his Eternally Sadistic Balls. (more)

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Lonely In A Crowd

By vundula, published on Apr 4, 2007

...population of my entire country was three million. My village community comprised only thirty households! New York City was the meeting point of all nations of the world, their different cultures creating a shifting kaleidoscope. The Jewish community, an old culture with a distinctive religion, philosophy, history and institutions, was one ingredient. I had been admitted to Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University, which was Jewish. In my class of fifty students, there were only three non-Jews: one Irish Catholic American and two Africans, me included. The... (more)

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Kabbalah's Karen Berg: Her God Wears Lipstick

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007

...commandments (adultery, fraud, covetousness, theft, etc) and feels no remorse for hurting another woman and eight children? If you want this kind of spirituality then go ahead and follow the footsteps of Jezebel's descendant. What kind of woman would marry a man willing to do the same and use religion to create money out of Idol worship. Karen Berg is nowhere near the station of Zephorah, the wife of Moses. In fact .... even mentioning her name in the same page as that of Zephorah is an insult to the true prophet's wife. If anything ... she is the reincarnation of Queen Herodotus. This... (more)

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Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007

...launching .... given the supposed Catholic Choquette's predilection for starting her own Six Sensory Reformation far more hedonistic than German theologian Martin Luther. She is bound for a cruise with John Holland who speaks to dead people... and for all her studies on religion at the University of Denver, Choquette never learned that Christian theology and doctrine forbids such associations. But then again, Sonia feels herself above the rules because she dropped out of Denver and the Sorbonne to get a fake Ph.D. herself from the American Institute of Holistic... (more)

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Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy or a Fraud's Mental Illness?

By Savattra, published on Apr 1, 2007

...age of spiritual commercialization. Even a Buddhist perspective would agree that attachment to things will cause misery. My belief is that when Virtue tells people that angels are their personal servants she is playing into attachment which is an ultimate cause of suffering. Every major religion demands sublimation to God. Every major religion in its pure form has rules. The Old and New Testament forbid idolatry. If seen clearly many of these New Age guru are akin to the gold lamb that God destroyed when the Israelites forgot that he delivered them out of bondage in Egypt. By... (more)

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Evangelical youth group Battlecry brings protest in SF

By pennylane986, published on Mar 29, 2007

...ideology of tolerance and acceptance for all, and noted that the organization’s youth are being trained to work for “God’s army,” making connection to George W. Bush and the War in Iraq. Marc Perkel, 51-year-old founder of the Church of Reality, feels that religion is believing in anything that’s real. “This group has been overthrown with war-like imagery,” Perkel said. He noted that he did not like the idea of an intolerant group arriving in the city to promote war type programs in San Francisco, a place of peace, a place where... (more)

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Hollywood's 300 vs. Iran's 69,000,000

By Reza B, published on Mar 15, 2007

...and mass mobilization conjured up by this movie. For example the following should have made every Iranian, no matter where they reside, or which passport they hold, turn red: • The formation of an Islamic Republic in a country comprised of people from many different faiths (religion and government should never be mixed anywhere—period); • The taking of 52 American hostages in Tehran, the capital city of Iran (I’ve heard every justification, and there is none); • The burial of the Shah of Iran in a mosque in Egypt rather than in Iran... (more)

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