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Book Review: Alpha, Omega By Lori Stephens

By Lori, published on Oct 18, 2008

...that deconstruct the very nature of belief.


While The Da Vinci Code asks the question, “Is our eschatological symbol for goodness who we think he is?” Alpha Omega asks “Come on now, what does it really mean to be human?”—D. Rowland, PhD, Scholar of Religion

Alpha, Omega will keep you on the edge of your seat.—K. McElroy

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Right Brain, Left Brain, No Brain

By Lori, published on Oct 15, 2008

...Left and right, night and day, up and down. Our drive for the good and our drive for the bad. (Notice that I don’t say “good and evil” as if these were autonomous entities that exist outside of our volition. They don’t. They ARE us.)

When you start discussing religion versus reason, the dualities become blindingly clear.

Religion draws from the part of the brain that deals with emotion and imagination. It provides a strong reason to feel love (for God), an indisputable reason to feel hate (for sins and those who commit them, Satan and all his... (more)

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The Boycott On "debating" Religion

By Lori, published on Oct 14, 2008

...of emotion.You were venting, not persuading. As the emperor in the film Amadeus said, “You are passionate, Mozart, but you do not persuade.”Logic versus emotion – the differences, and the differences in methods of expression, can become blatantly clear in the realm of religion. Everywhere I turn, I see devout believers trying every conceivable verbal twist and pseudological gymnastics to attempt to present a “logical” argument for religion. Books, articles, speaking engagements, and blogs aboundon the “arguments” of religious belief. That is, ... (more)

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The Time Of Our Life

By Lady D, published on Oct 5, 2008

... to make themselves feel safe, Yet the more they have the less safe they feel, because they know deep down stuff (which includes money) will never keep them safe.

None of this will happen overnight, we rely too much on others to tell us how to be better humans. We have to stop relying on religion or any outside factor to tell us how to behave. We must look within to see for ourselves how to behave. Also once we think we have it (which we won’t because it is ever unfolding) we must never think we can instruct others. We can only encourage them to look within and see for... (more)

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Church In A Bar, Sermons On Gay Civil Rights

By Lumiere, published on Sep 18, 2008

... happened on Sunday morning in Church...Singing hymns while knowing you were cheating on your spouse during the week with the person you met on Craigslist, when they thought you were away on business... Hanging around Sunday School children when you know you are a pedophile wearing the robes of religion and need to quit so you can get professional counseling.... Knowing your gay in your heart but sneaking around behind your spouses back to the gay bars instead of ending your marriage with integrity...Carrying around Drugs and a flask of Alcohol to sip on when your family thinks you are doing... (more)

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America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

By Lumiere, published on Aug 22, 2008

...license plates. All of which will supposedly protect the city against "terrorism."

Ironically, Terrorism is defined as; 1) A person who terrorizes or frightens others 2) A radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities. Terrifying is the thought ofour every move being constantly monitored by a governmentour tax dollars pay to employ. My question to you as a citizen is, who exactly are the terrorists? Only a terrorist on Capitol Hill woulduse our Democracy and Constitution... (more)

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The Obama Dilemma (part 2)

By Amo, published on Aug 7, 2008

... voters are solidly behind Obama’s candidacy. The silent and yet uncommitted independent blue-collar voters, those Reagan Democrats, hold the key to the election, and while Obama claims to be “a citizen of the world”, those “bitter” voters who “cling to their religion” will have the final say, come this November.

Obviously, Obama would rather hold scripted and media friendly events, rather then debate McCain around the country in town-hall venues, as was suggested by the Arizona Senator. My sense is that Obama feels debating McCain in a... (more)

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Presbyterian Church Will Allow For Ordination Of Glbt

By fashionista, published on Jul 17, 2008

...for. There are now several churches around the country that have come to openly accept gay members and clergy. "The General Assembly’s decision marks an historic moment for GLBT members of the Presbyterian Church," said Harry Knox, director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Religion & Faith Program. "By removing exclusive language and allowing for full expression of their gifts for ministry, the General Assembly took a giant leap toward equality and unleashing the gifts of gay and lesbian people for service to the Church. This decision sends a message of... (more)

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Another Family Reunion! Shoot Me. Shoot Us All.

By icanluvulongtime, published on Jul 17, 2008

...even notice when a friend or coworker says or does the same thing, but when it's Uncle Ed we want to punch him. Frank McCourt is a favorite author of mine (Angela's Ashes, Teacher Man, etc.). His writings prove that this family hair trigger of anger surpasses the boundaries of ethnicity, religion, social status or region of the world. Consider what he has to say in "Tis'", about his mother who was a near saint having survived poverty, starvation, the birth of seven children and death of three, a neglectful alcoholic husband and relocation from Ireland to New York late in her life; ... (more)

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Freedom Of Religion - How Far Should It Extend?

By ddrapayo, published on Jul 12, 2008

We've all heard of the polygamist religious sects in Utah and Texas. They claimed freedom of religion. So, one wonders how far freedom of religion should extend. If nobody gets hurt, physically or emotionally, then what's the problem? Clearly the girls in Utah and Texas were being emotionally hurt, so that should not be allowed, however if they were having multiple adult, consenting, wives, it should have been left alone. If you are a ward of the state (which is a nice way of saying you're in jail) and you are Jewish, you are entitled to Kosher meals. If you are Muslim, you are entitled to... (more)

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