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Wandering in the Night

By Annie44, published on Mar 9, 2013

A few years ago I started taking walks at all hours of the night. My sleep patterns were really off and I could only lay it down for brief periods before I was up again…hot as a Cape Canaveral Lift-off. Menopause sucks…pre…post…or anything in between.

Instead of staring into the darkness of my bedroom for hours at a time I would venture into the night for some exercise. Yes, I realize it’s not the safest thing to do as a single woman, but I had mace!… and a dog. The never tested mace is at least ten years old…the dog is older and loves strangers. Combined they gave me just the false... (more)

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Missing The Big Picture

By Annie44, published on Feb 28, 2013

It occurred to me in high school that some kids were already jockeying for positions in life—posturing themselves for a grand entry into a world they instinctively understood. I could only imagine these same individuals lulled by a Bach sonata in the womb…their parents calmly reciting Shakespeare during the crowning moment, and when those determined bundles of joy appeared, they were off to the races in the Nobel Prize fast lane.

I just didn’t understand the rush, particularly since during the teen years the mere task of arranging colored beads on my Campfire Girl vest presented a challenge.

... (more)

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A Viking Funeral - a parting of ways.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 19, 2013

Boerne is 51yrs old, handsome in a rugged sort of way; olive skin, high cheekbones and black straw-like hair. He’s never been a talker and we sit on the veranda drinking beer instead, our eyes drawn to a 2 x 6 metre recycle bin out front. At the end the day the sun is uncanny and low, the sky scarlet as summer bushfires rage in the western ranges.

“Good of you to help out,” says Boerne, flicking the top from another beer. “To be honest, you know, I’d rather be somewhere else.” And for the briefest of moments, his dark eyes leave the recycle bin. “Maybe we just got married too young.... (more)

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Beyond The Surface

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 14, 2012

When someone new comes into your life, do you use the time to really see them, or do you merely take what’s on the surface, give them their due, and move forward with whoever, and whatever else is included in your agenda? In other words, when was the last time you actually seized an opportunity to get to really know another human being? I ask this because in the fast-paced, super competitive world we live in; having healthy, supportive, emotional connections with others is becoming much rarer.

My last article discussed the new ways we communicate, and how all the electronic gizmos we... (more)

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Phillip had put his foot in his mouth again

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Phillip worked at BP Amoco for the past seven years as an Assistant Manager, was very good at his job and loved by all except everyone knew that when Phillip got drunk he would reveal all secrets about everyone who confided in him and so everyone learned to be discreet when Phillip was around.

Phillip was intelligent as well as very handsome. He was six feet tall, muscular, yellow skinned with brown curly hair, small, green eyes, a narrow nose and small, full, pinkish lips. He spoke with a British accent; the words were clear and his voice soft.

All the young ladies at the office... (more)

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Unconditional Love

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012


True love is without conditions, it endures, forgives, loves you just for who you are. Only a man or woman who understands and give true love can receive and know true love. True love is from God, hence the reason you will know true love when you see or meet it.

t is one thing to read about unconditional love and another to show it. When God talked about what love is, I thought I understood and had that type of love but I didn’t until God thought it to me through meeting other people and truly loving them for who they are and not as I would like them to be.

Now... (more)

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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

By Cherry4, published on Oct 18, 2012

“As Clara turned the corner, she saw him,” Billy-Ray Neilson; the guy who newly came to live in the neighborhood. Billy had been living in this district for the past two months and he was the talk of the town. Everyone spoke about how handsome and quiet he was but Clara never saw him until today.

Billy was indeed very handsome. He was about six feet; slim built, of brown complexion and black, curly, short hair. His face was oval with brown eyes, a small narrow nose and thin, pink lips. As they passed each other on the pavement, eye contact was made and both smiled. Billy smelt of... (more)

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That Voice Inside

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 25, 2012

...why he’s always sending Morse code to our inner receivers, hoping we’ll respond and react, therefore keeping his plan for our lives whole. The only things we have to do are stop and listen.

There’s no other area where we’re more in tune with this voice than in our personal relationships. We meet, be-friend, date, sometimes marry, then hopefully have long lives together with our significant someone’s all based on this little voice. It tells us during the first meeting that they could be the one. Though we don’t know why, God tells you whether or not this person has... (more)

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Watch What You Say

By Randy Mitchell, published on Aug 20, 2012

Have you ever been to a party, or other form of social gathering, drinking, talking, laughing, even dancing when all of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, the mood suddenly pauses, even swings to a deafening silence? The cause? Someone, somewhere, decided to say something inappropriate causing everyone to take notice, clearing the room, looking for the nearest exit to run toward. And they didn’t need to be spoken words. It could be something written, an expression you gave at just the wrong time, or a thumbs up or down you clicked in social media land. No matter what, and no matter how hard we... (more)

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Beyond Chikin’ and Kissin’ People Are in Pain

By Thom Hunter, published on Aug 14, 2012

Chicken sandwich wrappers headed to the landfill in record numbers. Digestive juices didtheir duty. Thousands upon thousands of waffle fries worked their way into the calorie count.

And now we're hungry again.

Thousands of men and women who struggle with sexual identity, poised between the pain of the pull, paused to watch the lines grow and the commentators commentate and the pundits pundit and beneath the wash of explanations and declarations, they pondered the rationales and motivations and tried to uncover what it all means for the gnawing inside them of a pain that feels... (more)

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