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Face First Down The Rabbit-hole

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Apr 27, 2007

Relationships have always been difficult for me...I cannot tell you how I marvel at those who seem to be able to manage them so easily,to navigate the untidy waters of dating and commitment as if born to it-endowed with some special skill conferred to some and denied others. Now truth be told I don't spend an inordinate amount time thinking about love,relationships or dating and certainty those who have been with me would of course no doubt agree-knives opened and venom on display. I don't think that I am that hard to be with (of course who does)I freely admit and own up to my flaws-after... (more)

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My True Love Story

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 12, 2006

...and how, when I was single and alone, could I feel less lonely than when I was with "the one?" Other questions constantly raced through my mind such as: Was I always the wrong person? Why wasn't I ever Mrs. Right? To give you more insight into me and how I ended up in a string of wash out relationships with men who broke my heart and my bank account many times you need a little understanding about my background. I grew up poor with the added feeling of being very unwanted. I lived in a house that wasn't a home, filled with drug addicts and predators and I was the child with a key around... (more)

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How to Celebrate Your Life Back into Love in Minutes

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 22, 2006

Every time the phone rings, our heart jumps with joyous celebration. A night or day on the town with them becomes a celebration of time well invested. Each passing day we get to know them with deeper understanding, we celebrate their wondrous qualities. These qualities endear them to us, and we eventually make a decision to keep them in our lives permanently, because they have so many fundamentally important attributes we hold dear. During this time, we overlook certain things that seem trivial. If something bothers us, it's quickly forgotten and forgiven. We focus on all of the positive... (more)

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Instant Gratification Nation

By Stephanie Michele, published on Oct 29, 2006

...effects associated with taking a prescription drug, it makes you realize there is a certain amount of risk involved in just about everything we do. If risk is unavoidable, why are we in such a hurry to find someone, figure them out and then determine if they are "the one" or not? Love and relationships are not pre-packaged material items we can buy to serve our immediate needs and wants. Treating them as such is like only allowing yourself to see an unfinished painting or hearing the first note of your favorite song, to get the most out of them you have to be patient and see things... (more)

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Love - Many a splendid thing, in more ways than one

By Alethea, published on Oct 12, 2006

...infatuated love. It may seem like love at first sight and you may feel intense passionate emotions, but if it doesn't evolve it will usually end suddenly. The ultimate combination of passion, intimacy and commitment is called consummate love. Obviously, this would apply more to "love" relationships and not family members or friends. This type is supposed to represent what people strive to achieve in their love lives, but is the most difficult to maintain. Although many may reach it, over time (like in marriage) the passion may die out and the love will change form, but that is not... (more)

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Breaking Up For Cowards

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 15, 2018

... down calls by contacting them and some of the calls might not end up on YouTube, but I can bet you a huge number will. A lot of Americans apparently love to see and hear people getting humiliated in public.

This site is probably going to do huge business. There are so many people in relationships who when they want out resort to cowardice to do so. This offers them the ultimate in no responsibility and lack of character. Have someone do it for you and make it as humiliating as possible. It's anonymous and it's fun for everyone right? Probably not so much for the person being... (more)

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 2)

By the expat returned, published on Oct 15, 2018

You Are How You Look

The holidays came and one friend posted some supremely awful Christmas party photos of me gnawing on a turkey leg, thinking it was funny. Of course I could not delete them, as I had not published them. Another friend posted a photo of me in my underwear, taken without my knowledge, and I learned of its existence thanks to a message from a different friend. I sent a fiery text message to the poster and the offending photo was removed.

I learned the hard way about “tags” in photos and had to spend an afternoon removing my name from photos I didn’t... (more)

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