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Caught Up!

By Scented_Roses, published on Sep 28, 2009

So their is this girl and she met this guy online on one of those dating sites... They became good friends and decided they were going to meet. The guy called the girl up one day and told her some shocking news that he was married and the girl was like ok we can just be friends. The guy doesn't live in the same state as the girl and she figured they'd never meet. Time went on and they grew closer and closer talking on the phone everyday. Well guess what....They finally met and he came down to where she lived and stayed the weekend with her. They had a blast it was like they had knew each other... (more)

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She Must Be In Denial!

By Shari G, published on Aug 22, 2009

 In a world with  social networking sites as a basis for a lot of our communication, it's sometimes hard to form "real" and "true" relationships right off the bat, and nor should or do you have to for that matter. However, people feel they can form true opinions of you from your "status updates". Granted, some of them speak volumes about some of us, however, there are those that people try to dig deeper into, and suddenly want to solicit advice and become your therapist. Sometimes, I REALLY do just want to sit in the dark and watch a sad movie because crying feels really good. Plus, I'm an... (more)

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What Is Love?

By baynurse, published on Jul 10, 2009

I asked my mother, What is love?  She said, A mother is love.

I said, what if you die? does love die too?

I asked my friend, What is love? She said it is when we feel each other even when we are far apart.  I said, but you live far away, you are busy all the time with your job, your family your other interests...  She said, yea, but sometimes love is like that.

I asked God, what is love?  He said, I AM LOVE.  I asked, so how do I know your love?

He said, I gave you my Sun.   She is a powerful, bright, constant source of warmth and light.   She was the first of my... (more)

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The Lists Of Craig

By wolviela, published on Apr 26, 2009

"We both scraped the bottom of the barrel, didn't we?" This is what my current boyfriend  said to me about 2 months into our relationship.  We had both tried Yahoo Personals, and other ways to meet people, but it just didn't work for either of us.

I had used Craigslists many times. I found two apartments that way and a job. Sure I had perused the other sections of Craigslist and often wondered if meeting someone that way was feasible.

Finally I decided what the hell. My ad was no more that 3 sentence long and the responses  received were surprisingly a lot. I hadn't even put my... (more)

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Love Or Let Go

By Scented_Roses, published on Feb 16, 2009

I have been talking with this young lady that has been in a relationship with this man for five years. She is 22 and he is 25 their is a child involved that is 5 years of age but the guy is not the father. The biological father died when the child was 1 years of age. This woman is head over heels in love with this man and wants to be with him forever. They recently have been separated for 6 months but have been getting back together off and on. The guy continues to cheat and be with other women that aren't about anything and on welfare. The first lady however is doing well for herself. She... (more)

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Broowaha Connections. In The Flesh

By travelingseth, published on Jan 21, 2009

One of the best things about Broowaha—aside from it giving you more hits than your blog—is that it’s got enough clout to get you on Google.  And make it to the top of a somewhat common search, and interesting things can happen.  My last article, The Unspoken Rules Of Group Conversation: Learn Them Or Bore, was a fun example.While checking hits on the article, I noticed it’d been linked (my favorite Broo feature).  The link turned out to be from a NYC Craigslist post. Wha?  The post turned out to be from ‘The Brooklyn Conversational Soiree’, a group trying to organize in-person group conversations... (more)

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Are NYC Women Jaded?

By sanjanakumar, published on Jan 17, 2009

I have heard too many stories from my girlfriends and have been exposed to some really incredulous behavior from the male species.Example #1. My friend met a guy at the local gym near our office. He was "unhappily" married at the time so they just became friends but there was definitely flirting going on. This continued for well over a year and during this time, the guy separated from his wife. Guy contacts lawyer and starts the divorce process. A year and some odd months later, guy informs my friend that he is officially divorced and he wants to move in with her. The entire relationship... (more)

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Hormones Of A Happy Marriage

By AM Nelson, published on Sep 5, 2008

...genetic expressions or alleles. The possible allele 334 expressions are none, one, or two copies. What makes this gene interesting is the role in the brain-based hormone vasopression, which is notable for its impact on bonding.

Female partners reported higher satisfaction levels in relationships where the allele was absent, or none. While the presence of one allele created an increased chance of marital distress, the presence of two alleles doubled the chance of marital distress.

The R33 gene has been identified in voles (small rodents similar to mice). Prairie voles were... (more)

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Cast Adrift On The Friends Ship

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 31, 2008

...with, but you have to associate with them anyway, because things like holidays and special occasions seem to be so important to us. Obligatory friends, especially the blood relations-kind, can quickly turn into enemies if you don’t watch it. In many cases, they will develop into love-hate relationships, because almost everyone has good and bad points. My Aunt Maria is a naggy, crusty 80-year-old complainer who smells perpetually of moth balls. But, she makes an incredible Spaghetti Bolognese. My Uncle Chubby, on the other hand, has a major flatulence problem and cusses like a... (more)

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Relationship And Dating Advice For The New Year

By Ivan Homeless, published on Jan 10, 2008

Have you ever noticed when a relationship is ending and one person says "I need more space" the amount of space they are referring to is the exact height, weight, and depth as you? Relationships are treacherous waters to navigate and everyone has advice and opinions on how to go about them.

Do you trust your best friend whose only lasting commitment has been to a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps that went out of style in 1999 but she still wears them for sentimental reasons? Or do you listen to your brother who is a serial monogamist with 3 divorces to his CV? Do you trust your parents... (more)

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