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Father and Son

By Shari G, published on Sep 2, 2011

Dear Shari...

My main desire was to re-connect with my dad after almost 3 decades of very limited contact. Our relationship was pretty much dead and this letter was an attempt to work back into a hopefully good relationship.

This letter backfired and now we don’t speak at all. When he got it, he didn’t respond for six weeks, which stressed me out in a big way. Then, I sent him an e-mail that said “Your silence is deafening.”He called back immediately and over the next 90 minutes, he ripped me a whole new orifice. Since then, we’ve been sending cards to each other during... (more)

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Building Bridges

By Luanne Stevenson, published on Aug 27, 2011

...a bridge takes time, patience, ingenuity and planning. Once constructed, it re-shapes our environment into a friendlier place. The load we carry is made lighter and the path is made easier. People should build bridges and not walls.

My friend is a woman who reflects on past relationships and regrets each loss. But like a butterfly, she’s free to fly away, leaving her partner to wonder why. She wonders why too.

So why do people, like my friend, set them self up for heartbreak and loss?

Why do they run when things are good, fearing that things will have to... (more)

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Falling in Love in Only 5,475 Days

By Shari G, published on Aug 10, 2011

...bags and take.

Perhaps fifteen years might seem a bit extreme to some (normal) people, however, we all require different experiences to learn certain lessons. Some of us even require those lessons learned a few times. What I find interesting though when I look at people and their relationships, they spend so much time courting and trying to win somebody else over and they sacrifice so much of themselves for someone else, but they rarely give themselves that same kind of attention and love. We are so quick to defend and protect someone else but in a second we would beat ourselves ... (more)

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It’s Tough To Be A Man

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 6, 2011

Historically, men have been known to act as muzzles that have prevented women’s liberation and empowerment from happening in full swing. Men have also been adduced as self-proclaimed czars who have taken away women’s privilege as their appanage. In doing so, men have often been read and remarked as mischievous, perverse, and wicked in their willful means. But not all men are same just as all women are different. Reading a man’s motives may sometimes appear tough while at other times his feelings may be as playful as a tot who sprouts in love. For many of us women, the men in our life have been... (more)

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If Education Was…

By Barkha Dhar, published on Jul 22, 2011

...forget to be loving and respectful to their son’s or brother’s wife. They apparently forget that education does not teach them to suppress someone’s belief system, curtail their aspirations, or command their life. In such unfortunate and indeed unexpected circumstances, delicate relationships go haywire. Education also does not preach double standards where there are contradictory principles set for family members, such as privileges for the daughter and boundaries for the daughter in-law. The situation worsens in cases where an educated sister-in-law (who is a year younger to... (more)

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Walking in Faith

By Shari G, published on Jul 22, 2011

Dear Shari...

You just recently posted something on Facebook talking about how one’s life is exactly where it’s supposed to be and how we should trust in the order of things even when it’s not what we pictured for ourselves or our lives. I really want to believe this right now. My girlfriend ended our 2 year relationship and moved out 5 days ago. Hard to make sense of anything right now…

--Searching for Answers

Dear Searching for Answers,

It unfortunately never does in the moment. This is one of those circumstances... (more)

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Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am

By Shari G, published on Jul 1, 2011

Dear Shari…

I need some advice. Please help. I have never been good with relationships. I actually have had just one. When it comes to guys it’s either all the way or nothing at all. No interest whatsoever. I really like this guy but I messed up and now he has the wrong impression of me. How do I tell him I want to get to know him and it’s not going to be a quickie?

~The Quickie Monster

Dear Quickie Monster,

First rule of thumb: You will never control what others think of you but you can control how you think about yourself.

Sounds to me like you’re the one... (more)

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By Lumiere, published on Jun 10, 2011

Four years and eleven months,Infidelity came wrapped with a worn out ribbon

Infidelity came wrapped with a broken bow

Infidelity came wrapped with torn paper like the one you ripped in my soul

The only one who told the truth was the man paid for hire," I don't know how to tell you this but at four years and eleven months, your partner is a cheater, and a liar. On the internet, in person too. I'm sorry, your lover was being unfaithful to you.'

One month shy of our five year anniversary,

Tears fell like raining fire,

burning away edges of dreams built... (more)

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Can you keep a secret? I really mustn't tell.

By BusinessLife, published on May 31, 2011

I have a secret.

I mustn't tell.

It's deep in my soul,

And hungry to attack.

It's called a feeling.

It's welling up inside me and it wants to escape.

It has this desire to rip past my thoughts and curiosities

And seek what really is and forget the many hours spent wondering what could be.

Will you keep my secret?

It's a special surprise.

It's for someone who is holding my heart in his hands.

He knows not who he is.

He has no knowledge of what he does to me.

And oh what he does to me.

It hurts it's... (more)

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Meeting love for the first time

By BusinessLife, published on May 4, 2011

Love, leave me not at this moment.

I am trying so hard to believe in you.

I am trying to move close enough to see into your eyes, to feel your warmth and to understand that you indeed exist.

Is this what magic may be like?

Is it possible to be able to grasp love's intentions like a bouquet of wildflowers?

I want to inhale you...breathe you in as I see so many others have done before now.

Is this my time? May I have time with you?

Do you see my tears that may be my first tears of joy?

Can you allow me the time to taste the sweet nectar... (more)

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