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By charlie nitric, published on Jul 4, 2011

Opiate Shimmering Eyes

Odeum Princess Electrifies

Outlandish Appeal Signifies

Ocean of Beauty Magnifies

Omelet of Culture Dignifies

Oriflamme of My Spirit

Onager of Life Soul

Osmotic Her Aura

Omega Woman She

Orbit This One I Will


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I will write tonight

By SZU, published on May 17, 2011

I will write tonight...

For the sake of my assuaging heart.

So what if I haven't felt sad for a while?

So what if my heart is no longer fragile?

So what if now I wear a smile?

So what if I've crossed a thousand miles...

from that pain that had killed me inside out,

from that disbelief that left incessant doubts.My words can be my partner

on my way to joy,

if then I was destined to sorrow

now I've a right to enjoy.

He should never know he changed me,

And that's my plan of ploy.


Tags: writing, love, pain, heart, past, joy, relationship, hope.

Friendship is Endurance

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 23, 2010

...separating us Does not separate our souls.The treasure is the sharing of the moment. It matters not the "when" nor the "where."When the passion of young love burns off With the passage of time.

Friendship is the beginning of love. It is the underpinnings of a committed marriage,Or relationship between two people. Friendship provides the defense Against attacks from others and events. Friendship carries through the ages ofYouth, middle years, and those challenging last years.

The time of telling stories of adventuresYesteryear brought to life again,In the shared... (more)

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By dy_eve, published on Oct 6, 2010

What if the whole moment would be true?

What if he is the strong voice that breaks her minds perimeter?

What if she doesn't want to keep yes and no chained, because she has a clean and pure conscience?

What if she had forgotten her complete form till the suburbs,at least for a moment?

What if he wud be there , to drag everything out of her , to outline her better?

What if she would remain disconnected of mind , leaving it permanently as a past witness.

What if he has sneaked like a hearth-thief , because she can't harm her?

What if she would... (more)

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