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Don't Be A Donald Sterling

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 15, 2014

By now everyone has heard about the antics of billionaire Donald Sterling, whose racially-charged rants gained media coverage everywhere.

It’s a sad testimony to an obviously smart businessman (you have to be either very smart or extremely lucky to have that kind of wealth.)

You would think someone so talented in the art of making money would be just as sharp in his personal life, learning to play correctly within the affairs of society and piecing together an inner personal circle having his back and protecting his interests.

Isn’t it amazing what the right face can... (more)

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Being The Chooser: Your Guarantee To Finding Love

By Simpanique, published on Dec 15, 2011

Do you take the initiative to go and get what you want? Or do you find yourself reacting to people and situations? Perhaps you have been conditioned to please others, or never received encouragement to take risks. Maybe you’re a person who feels powerless about influencing your outcomes so you let other people in your life make all the choices. You may be so afraid of failure that you don’t even try.

There is a better way. Be the chooser. When you become the chooser something amazing happens in your life: you take initiative and responsibility for your outcomes. You are in charge... (more)

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Give someone a cake, and of course they'll eat it.

By rosenvegas, published on Apr 6, 2011

Over the years I've heard this phrase used mulitple, times usually in the same situation. To describe someone who is greedy and wants more than they should have. Someone who is spoiled and not satisfied with what they have. But does that really fit the meaning behind the saying? Have your cake and eat it too? Or "Wants to have their cake and eat it too?"

In relationships this usually refers to a lack of monogamy. So I share this advice and hope you recognize this person immediately and don't think you may be the exception.

Upon meeting someone, it is not uncommon to discover... (more)

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