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Regrets of the Dying

By Coach Phatty, published on May 30, 2014

...wanted to do?

Well, if you have answered “no” to a few of the questions that I previously mentioned, then I have GREAT NEWS…you still have time to do the things that you may want to do (or at least some of them). No one wants to pass from this earth or lay on their death bed, regretting the things that they could have done in their life or the ways that they could have treated others (or themselves) when they were still able to do so.

I read an article a week or so ago on Tip News (DNA, March 12, 2014) that talked about the regrets of the dying. It made me... (more)

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Mary & Tom - My Grandparents

By JennyT, published on Aug 31, 2013

... your life - this I only blame myself? for the questions were never asked - how sad that I did not

So please I ask forgiveness, as I never knew you as a lad?nor the trials you faced in life, witnessing the wars

I know not how you met 'your Mary', or how you sang or even laughed how regrettable, that all I know of you - are your old photographs

Grandma.. we did meet, but was for the shortest while, a child of eighteen I came to England to see you the first time. You took ill, a stroke struck you and I tended to your body, such an english rose with you hair of silver curls, ... (more)

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My Life is Over: No Regets

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 25, 2013

...ago. During the past month or so, when they found out that the disease was not progressing in the right direction, my friend and his wife decided to spend their precious remaining time together talking about how blessed they were and looking back during their 52 years of marriage…they had no regrets (other than having more time together). Their love for each other was complete and unconditional. They expressed a true love for each other that was apparent to everyone that knew them.

I sat there and thought to myself, how many of us, when we are at the end of our lives here on earth, ... (more)

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Last Words

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 7, 2013

One day a girl, Sara, who was fifteen years old, came home from school in a very bad mood. She'd had a fight with her best friend that day and it hadn't turned out well at all.

"Sara!" her mom yelled. "What are you doing? You know to do your chores right when you get home! And you're late!"

"Coming, Mom!" Sara yelled, getting up and stomping towards the kitchen. "What?" she snapped as her mother gave her a stern look, annoyed.

"You'd better straighten up your attitude, young lady," her mom warned, "or you'll be grounded."

"Whatever." Sara began... (more)

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If You Had to Live Your Life Over Again

By Coach Phatty, published on Apr 21, 2013

...have passed on, most of them have two dates inscribed on them...the birth date and the date of their death seperated by a hyphen...what did their "hyphen" represent? The hyphen represents their ENTIRE LIFETIME. This is when I ask myself, what kind of life did this person have? Did the person regret things that they had done? Did they have a good life? Would they have changed things during their lifetime if they could? Would they have thought that their life was successful or a failure? etc. Interesting thoughts...

Anyway, I recently came across a story wirtten by a lady, Erma... (more)

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It's gone, what never existed.

By SZU, published on Sep 22, 2010

You are trying hard nowWhen it's no useWhere were you...When I was bruised?I lived each moment..thinking you will show upI smiled and cried..thinking,together we will end up,your insensitivity...burnt all the fire I had in me,the love that I had for you, I struggle to find within me.All that's left ...for youIs a regret, trueI wish,I should've ne'er met meI should've ne'er let you..CrazyHad I really gone?IndeedNowonder you left me alone...But I'd say I have no complainI made a bad I deserve this pain


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By SZU, published on Jul 25, 2010

...blocking my breath…The usual calm, somehow seemed uncomfortable today…the silence of the surrounding seemed to have turned eternal…which nothing will ever be able to break…it allowed no interruption…no pause and no rest!I tried searching for support…penetrating deep in myself to find comfort…but marveled was I not to find myself…I was lost…no desperate attempts and no dire tries would work now…no fret…no fear … no tears were of any use…I didn’t know where to look for myself…the self that was now vanished in the concentrated and gloomy forest of regret!


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