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Carnival...Jump Up Time...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 13, 2013

...has. Years later , my husband and I met a wonderful couple from Cardiff, Wales. (Pat and Royston Marcus) one halloween night. They had just moved in that day and felt bad they had nothing to give out for Halloween. They were our neighbors for five years and through them I was introduced to reggae music and soca, calypso music. In fact my son Marcus is named after him...We use to spend our weekends together listening to music, eating, drinking and just enjoying this wonderful friendship.

There was a club at the time in Hamilton which was called Soul City. Run by a Jamaican... (more)

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Reggae Singer Philip Lucky Dube Always Remembered

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Oct 18, 2010

... dropped off in Rosettenville, Johannesburg in what is assumed to be a car hijacking crime.

Although the Rastafarians in Jamaica do not believe in death, it is difficult for me to follow that tradition and simply state that, ‘Him just pass through’, and even Dube himself, in his first reggae album, sang that ‘Rastas Never Die’. But I hope this is irony.

Lucky Dube was one of the best musicians who advocated for inter-racial harmony and Black consciousness via his songs. This was due to what he had experienced during the South African apartheid. Despite the fact that his... (more)

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