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Get Hired & Stand Out: 3 Modern CV Tips

By Katie Li, published on Dec 11, 2013

...ago. Your good, hire-me shoes are probably out of date, and your CV flounders in the ether between your entry level job and a few other rungs along the way, not quite communicating the right professional history. You’re already far behind, if you’ve neglected the fleeting fashions of recruitment; think about it, the average person moves between fifteen different roles throughout their career, changing directions at a whim or piece of inspiration. Staying up-to-date no matter where you sit on this moving spectrum will do you significant favours when you eventually decide to move on.... (more)

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Disruptive Outplacement Service Rises Out Of Recession

By Rich Becker, published on Nov 4, 2009

For many entrepreneurs in the job placement services, an ever increasing supply of candidates and ever diminishing of positions might have seemed like the perfect storm. But not RiseSmart CEO and founder Sanjay Sathe."We couldn't afford to do the kind of ad campaign that did," said Sathe. "So we had to find a different model and rely on word-of-mouth and viral marketing."While developing a B2B service solution had already been part of Sathe's long-term plan, the recession helped push the idea forward, with plans to leverage the company's B2C offering in order to build interest... (more)

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