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A Death Note

By Rahul, published on Apr 4, 2014

It’s been fun drifting through the uncharted terrains of life even if it was for a short while. This might be my last note to this beautiful world, the last trace of my existence that I wish may last long enough for someone to read and realize that I did exist. The devil that's been behind me from the very moment life touched the shapeless lump of me in my mother’s womb has caught up to me now. I can feel its frozen breath over my shoulders and its long fingers around my neck; it chokes me by sucking out the last ounce of hope.

The road in front has shrunk into a fine thread, so fine... (more)

Tags: death, life, world, beauty, rebirth

Seasons Of Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2013

Searching, seeking, wondering, looking, curious, acute observation....After so many years , at last I do accept who I am. The journey has been incredible, piercing my heart and soul at times. Throwing me into the pits of Hell on earth , wanting me to learn wisdom inside this evil. I have strove to grow with each tear. Sometimes with success, other times simply buried in unknowing. I have danced in the purest joy in abundance. Surrendered myself to living through eternal loving grace. When I thought all was lost, I found a new destiny to lift me. Opening my heart, I move on. Once again... (more)

Tags: gifts, growth, fear, water, joy, rebirth, comfort zone, seasons of life


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 30, 2013

There are times

When I want to

Run away from it all

My mind spins in circles

Searching to make sense

Of what will never make sense....

Insensitivity echos loudly

At times feeling like it

Crushes my heart and soul

Why foster bitterness and hate?

Does this really bring any happiness?

Release it all into the abyss...

Do we need a giant vacuüm ?

To sweep clean all the hate

To polish our sacred values

To clear the dust of ignorance

Growing unknowingly

Inside a stunted self...... (more)

Tags: violence, prayer, new world, rebirth, spiritual beings, higher self

Let It Rain...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 14, 2012

Let It Rain

The rain is pouring Within my soul Helplessly I watch Unresponsive to my longing I try to make the flood stop Holding it within Unsuccessful it escapes ... My tears falling undiminished Frightening with the depth Of this unending pain Not to be shut out... Life moves on The earth spinning slowly Day and night passed My eyes watered Hope failing me... My friend asked me One more time The damn burst open Releasing words I knew Not were mine Cresting on the jagged rock A tale too painful To even express... Inside my heart Water inundated Wild... (more)

Tags: courage, hope, rebirth, survivors, voice for the children

Sleep Now

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 3, 2012

Sleep now

Don't speak

Lay your head down to rest

Close your eyes now

Don't think

Thoughts can resume tomorrow

Breath in... relax now

Calm and settle down

No planning of tomorrow

Just sweet dreams of tonight.

Your day has been long

And I want you to rest now

Clear your mind for me please

Don't put up a fight,

I know your tired

You need your rest tonight.

Let me comfort you, trust me,

Let me soothe you...

Gently rub your head as you rest

Now you... (more)

Tags: emptiness, sleep, rebirth, serentiy, rest, dream weaver

Of gardens and cats...

By Cielo, published on Nov 10, 2011

Gardens and cats go together; especially in autumn. Autumn is such a dreamy season… and then again, there is something about the presence of a cat in a garden… a wistful feeling—certainly a sorts of quixotic mingling.

And thus, I’ve been staring out the window a lot these days; cozying up in the warmth of the insides while standing silently by the window looking at the quiet garden…

Lemon grass, sweetgrass and sleepy Jacob’s Ladder, cat thyme, pansies and heaps of dried leaves unite; they blend and come together as Nature gently puts them to sleep.

And the wind in the trees... (more)

Tags: fall, death, life, autumn, cats, thoughts for the soul, gardens, rebirth

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