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With Her In My Thoughts

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 10, 2013

Are you somewhere from where you cannot return ...are you somewhere from where you don’t hear. Are you so oblivious of the truth that you exist? If not then, where are you? Today, once again I question my elusive subjection to your existence. ...I yell loudly: “No you are just cannot vanish.”Who are you? I think, I saw you a moment ago but I am not sure. Why I am not so sure? Why is that, I am not able to get it? Why, I am brandishing, my yell to scare you? Am I pretending? Now listen to me, answer me please. Why is that, I feel, you are here? I saw you, that was you and I am very... (more)

Tags: truth, silence, dream, thought, realtion, question

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