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A Look Back at the History of Screenland

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 5, 2007

... York Times published a feature piece in the paper’s travel section on the resurgence of Culver City. With all the great ink the city has deservedly been getting, it is worth a look back at the roots of the place known for years as “The Heart of Screenland.” Harry Culver, a real estate entrepreneur from Nebraska, founded Culver City in 1913. He chose the area because of its ideal location between Los Angeles and Venice. The entertainment industry came in 1915 when Culver convinced silent filmmaker Thomas Ince to move his studio to Culver City. Other studios followed, the ... (more)

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Blood Diamond

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 26, 2006

...I cried. As a side note to this missive, I felt some connection to the film in a weird kind of way. In 1988, financial decisions were made and I produced a film in South Africa, "The Howling IV". Apartheid was in full swing and Nelson Mandella was a involuntary guest in a stockade on Robben Island off of Cape town. Of all the countries I have shot films in, including Communist Czechoslovakia and Hungary, South Africa, at that time, was one nasty piece of real estate. Even today, I get chills when I think about the five or so months I spent there. I will have to write about that one day. (more)

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In God We Trust

By Stephanie Michele, published on Dec 3, 2006

...Why? Because the same governing actions that deny and bury the truth involved in the sex scandals are involved in the financial practices of the church. The Catholic Church has been known to falsify their holdings. Past investigations have found that church authorities keep records of real estate properties at the book value instead of current market value. The Stockton diocese, for example, in 1998 valued its multimillion-dollar cathedral at $28,000, the cost to build it in 1942. It is also public knowledge that despite the visible holdings of lavish cathedrals, headquarters,... (more)

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The Art of

By maceo manhattan, published on Dec 1, 2006

...3) Drug Dealers 4) Police Officer/NARCO (on and off duty) 5) Models and affiliated pretty people and 6) Celebrities. Basically, a restaurant entrepreneur will seek out investors from all walks of life. These investors usually begin and end with a celebrity. In the middle you, will find real estate moguls, entertainment heads, businessmen and trust fund children. Each share holder will have a number of points ranging anywhere from 1 to 2 to 2 to 40, etc. etc. In addition to getting a check each month, each shareholder gets VIP treatment and discounts on food and liquor. In many... (more)

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By Steven Lane, published on Nov 28, 2006

...cigars. There are the, “buy property with no money down,” Guru’s who are touting how you can buy a government seized two bedroom house in Tupelo, Mississippi for $520.00 and “flip” it for $150,000.00… Don’t have an interest in becoming a instant real estate mogul?...OK, how about entering the health field. You can rake in the cashola and benefit mankind at the same time. Sell “THE GREATEST VITAMIN IN THE WORLD to your friends and family. “Get paid $1000 every time you get just 20 new people to try our amazing vitamin” is... (more)

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God, Chalk Hill and a Theatre in the Round

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 18, 2006

...of his head. Unfortunately, the pundits prevailed, it was a financial disaster. Hard to believe that a place that had presented The Doors, Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds on the same stage, on the same night, closed its doors after just a couple of years. Bob Hope was a brilliant Valley real estate investor and his next move was totally classic. What does one do with a bankrupt 1000 seat plus theatre in the round? Hell, sell it to God! Upon that very hollowed ground where my wife and I had laid naked some five to six years earlier, The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was born. A... (more)

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Real Estate in Los Angeles - crash or soft landing?

By Dan Maier, published on Nov 6, 2006

...Well, that certainly sounds good for Larry as he appears to have earned an extra $150K that year! Woohoo! Good for Larry. Larry was disappointed because, in the year period from ’05 to ’06 his home had lost $17K ($650 - $633). Larry believes that the worst of his real estate depreciation woes are behind him. I guess Larry believes that he deserves an easy $150K for doing absolutely nothing, but to lose any of it is just too much; after all it is a house isn’t it? Don’t housing prices always go up? No, they don’t, but more on that later.... (more)

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Homeless on Skid Row: Is it a Lost Cause?

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 30, 2006

...metropolitan streets than either of those cities. These issues have come back into the limelight of current affairs in Los Angeles after a kind-of hiatus. Ironically, the resurgence of interest in dealing with the homeless of Los Angeles coincides with an intense battle over the use of the real estate in and around Skid Row. Skid Row has consistently been a news maker in regards to the homeless of Los Angeles. Fifty blocks, boarded by Main, Seventh, Alameda and Third Streets and centered on Fifth roughly make-up the demographics of the Row. Although not at all unique to LA, (skid rows... (more)

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Hawthorne Aviation Museum Takes Off

By Deleted User, published on Aug 19, 2006

...the brunt. Their new location in Torrance will be much smaller – downsized from 7,500 to 4,000 square feet – and, due to a lack of available room, planes such as the legendary DC-3 airliner will need to be stored elsewhere. The city has already leased out the space to a real estate development company. They intend to convert the museum into a business-jet station that will benefit from the non-intrusive location of the city and key access to major freeways. Although the city council hopes that the new establishment will bring in a more lucrative business project, is... (more)

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