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Crowdfunding for Fiction

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 13, 2014

I have been following this new phenomenon as it relates to fiction writers, and have often wondered where it would lead. On the surface, it looks like a pretty cool thing – a funding source that never existed before, a replacement to the publisher’s advance, this time, paid forward by readers. But then I tried to look at the pros and cons (I’m cautious by nature) and this is what I came up with:


a)Money paid up front to recognize the writer’s effort.

b)A vote of confidence by readers on the success of the book.

c)Advance publicity for the writer and her work

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BlogCatalog a place where bloggers & Readers Connect

By Angie Alaniz, published on Jun 5, 2011

...getting most of your information from, then “NO”, no way, of course not. Not only is blogging bringing in a little extra cash for some of you bloggers but also it’s become a social phenomenon. Today it’s a whole new universe, and at BlogCatalog we’re connecting not only to our readers but also to the people behind their blogs. Our own blog, on BlogCatalog, has become quite interesting to thousands of other bloggers who come from different walks of life. Allow me to share a little bit about these people who call BC home.

Take a little time to get to know Mrs. Green... (more)

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Self Publishing Without Shame

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Jan 8, 2010

Why does self-publishing carry such a stigma?

Because the writer feels that it proves that his work is not worthy of being picked up by a publisher and he is forced into publishing himself. He feels he is accused of vanity publishing, but just submitting your book to a mainstream publisher shows some signs of an ego which is actually necessary for a writer.

This scenario is flawed and is about to be blown out of the water.Let's accept that publishers are commercial businesses run to make the owners money. They are not in the business of promoting good writing. You, as the writer,... (more)

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