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Why I Ditched the D.C. Football Team and Became a Ravens Fan

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 2, 2013

...owner Daniel Snyder was quoted in USA Today as saying he would NEVER change the name of the franchise that is a dictionary-defined racial slur, I posted on my Facebook page that I would NEVER root for my hometown team until the racist name changes and that until then I would become a Baltimore Ravens fan.

So I gave up the burgundy and gold for the purple and black. RG3 for Flacco. A soulless suburban stadium in Landover for the friendly confines of M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore. Dysfunction for class. Perpetual losing for a Super Bowl ring. And most importantly, an awful ... (more)

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0 For

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 10, 2011 the Jets. The Colts had ample opportunities but made nothing of any of them ending up scoring only 15 points and the Jets scored just one more to win and that's all it takes. This is the game I thought could go either way but I really, really didn't want it to go this way at all.

Ravens over the Chiefs. I thought that the Chiefs running game and defense would be too much for the Ravens. I thought Joe Flacco would make a few of his patented mistakes and the Chiefs could capitalize and win. I was wrong. Really, really wrong. The Ravens beat the Chiefs down. Beat them with... (more)

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Playoffs Day 2

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 4, 2011

The playoffs march into Sunday with two games. One that could be a blow out and one that could be one of the best games of the year. You never know how these things will play out though and the unexpected can happen more than you think.

In the first game on Sunday, we have the Ravens vs the Chiefs. The Ravens have played like a team without a rudder a lot of the season. They have won big, come up big, and then fallen flat. Their defense with Ed Reed is still one of the best in the league. It's their offense where they are a bit shaky. Joe Flacco is a quarterback along the lines... (more)

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