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Feeling A Bit Lighter In The Pocketbook?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 2, 2011

This economy is growing steadily worse. We see it everyday with continued layoffs, further drops in the housing arena, jittery stock markets, and a stubborn unemployment rate that doesn’t want to budge. All of these are coupled with the most negative political atmosphere since the gloomy days of the Great Depression. Money affects everything we do. Like bright sunshine or a dark, ominous cloud constantly floating overhead, money represents a huge part of what drives us from birth until death. It’s the reason why most roll awake in the morning, draining 95% of the population’s minds with periodic... (more)

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Mr. Jobs Should've Taken His Medicine

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 26, 2011

I don’t think many knew, besides his inner circle, that Steve Jobs could’ve possibly beaten his fatal cancer if he had only taken his doctors advice and succumbed to traditional medical procedures, particularly, an operation which could’ve removed his tumors much sooner than he decided. This information has been coming out as the release of his authorized autobiography arrive on everyone’s Kindle, I-Pad, and Bookshelf.

Now, this wasn’t all that surprising to me. After all, he’d turned to experimental treatment procedures, alternative medicine for pain and healing, and spiritual advisors... (more)

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That Lovin' Feeling

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 20, 2011

Everyone from psychologists to astrologers have tried figuring out what provides that all-wonderful, physiological reaction that takes place when man and woman meet for the very first time. What turns your skin moist and warm, your eyes dilated and sleepy eyed, and your blood pressure spiking to astronomical levels, surging with lust upon first glance. Many have crashed a car while staring out the window, or even fainted at first sight at their one-in-a-million guy or girl. But, no matter why or when it happens, all of us are always on the lookout for our next sweat-filled, throw-your-hair-back,... (more)

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Crying For America

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 25, 2018

I usually don’t write about politics. Along with religion, it’s one of the most debated subjects we have as a people. No matter if you’re a democrat or republican, we all have our viewpoints. But, given the political year we’re all about to engage in, I felt it time to express my position of where I see America, as it currently stands. I realize many won’t agree here, but holding back hasn’t ever been my strongest trait.

America has become an extremely divided nation, and angrier. It’s now rich vs. poor, liberal vs. conservative, democrat railing against republican, black more hostile... (more)

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