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Red Desert Dreaming - modern times, ancient magic.

By iancochrane, published on Mar 19, 2013

...trailing behind as the sharks rise to the surface, gracefully criss-crossing each other to the dulcet strains of Debussy’s Claire De Lune that waft from the galley where Maurice cooked fettuccini.

In the morning we crossed Collier Bay, passing Kingfisher Islands and landing here at Raft Point. We’ve clambered across a rubble beach and up past crumbling sea cliffs, grabbing at sticky tufts of spinifex that somehow smell of caramel. We paused in the sparse shade of an ancient boab with a 3m girth.

I take in the odd spirit-men paintings for one last time and we leave on an... (more)

Tags: australia, painting, spirits, wandjina, raft point, kimberley, aboriginal, rock art

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