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Why the Washington Football Team Should Change Their Racist Name

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 12, 2013

...amid shifting racial attitudes; lastly, some of those who defend the name say it was meant to honor Boston Redskins head coach William Henry Dietz, who claimed to be of Native American ancestry, but that claim has been questioned. And the founder and owner, George Preston Marshall, was a rabid racist and refused to integrate the team until he was forced to play an African-American after President John F. Kennedy's Interior Secretary Stewart Udall threatened to revoke the lease on D.C. stadium (now RFK). Read the excellent book "Showdown: JFK and the Integration of the Washington Redskins"... (more)

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Rob Parker questions Robert Griffin's blackness

By Lartinos, published on Dec 17, 2012

Many people tune into ESPN wanting to watch sports and sports commentary. What they instead get with “First Take” is a racially motivated program that puts into question the ethics behind everyone involved in the show. “First Take” has gradually made more topics around race with Stephen A. Smith being the catalyst behind these discussions. Many times race will be inserted into a discussion to the point it is questionable journalism. Case in point being the very recent guest of Gabby Douglas who is an American of African descent who recently won a gold medal in London. Instead of speaking about... (more)

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Car Shopping while female, and non-white, a personal experience.

By baynurse, published on Oct 2, 2011

...conscientious, Go Green, yuppyness of a car.

Car salesmen…. Need I digress into rather unkind explicatives? I shan’t, because I am decent and gracious and I would run out of them before I felt any better about car salesmen.

Lies, lies, and more lies, condescension, sexist, racist, smarmy, unethical, manipulative, uugh, and so on and so forth…

Let me describe some of the idiotic behaviors of these vermin.

Upon entering the dealership in the upscale Marin town of Novato, I was greeted by the salesman, “John” I’ll call him, with a handshake, and a... (more)

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Washington Greenskins?

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 17, 2011

...-- mostly inner city African-Americans and rural white Virginians -- that will pack in FedEx Field win or lose. And there are even fans who will defend you over your frivolous lawsuit against the Washington City Paper. And, there are even certain citizens who will vigorously defend the racist name of the team. But it is a losing battle.

Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, the name has created controversy when the focus should be on the team. It has become a negative distraction. These are more racially sensitive times we live in (there is a black man in the White ... (more)

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