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Should Enforced Laws Be Waived For Different Minorities?

By Lakwyia, published on Jul 25, 2009

     I do not have a problem with the law enforcement and how procedures are followed especially when it comes to checkpoint sites, but this particular night really made me change my mind just a little bit. One late Saturday night on July 18, 2009, there was a checkpoint site somewhere in South Carolina(between the North Carolina and South Carolina border) and it was directly in front of the store where my friend is currently employed. She did not really pay too much attention to the chaos outside until a young woman came in asking to use the telephone because it was an emergency.

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Criminal Justice. Protecting and Serving whom?

By Rowan, published on Oct 2, 2006

...the statistic for White people is only a fraction of that with 460 per every 100,000. Hispanics are in between the two with 782.

These statistics have led some to say that the criminal justice system in the United States is inherently racist, and others to use them in support of racial profiling. Whatever the reason, African Americans and Hispanics are far more statistically likely to go to prison than White people. This statistic has a wide and profound affect on all members of society from everyday citizens to criminal prosecutors to law enforcers.

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