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States Line Up to Tax E-Cigarettes

By Sahil Aggarwal, published on Apr 16, 2014

As smokers seek to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are becoming more popular as a means to stop smoking. Data shows that one in five smokers have either switched to e-cigarettes or at least tried them. This fact has state legislators and governors looking for ways to tax e-cigarettes.

Michigan leads the way

Michigan governor Rick Snyder is heading the parade to tax e-cigarettes. Snyder stated he wants e-cigarettes treated as tobacco. A bill is already in the Michigan state legislature to define e-cigarettes as being in the same class as real tobacco products.

The Department... (more)

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Give Up Smoking With Physical Exercise

By Iam Herbert, published on Oct 14, 2011

When you decide to cease cigarette smoking, you will bring on some other changes in your daily life too. Smoking is a really habit forming habit, which means that it is very difficult to give up. Right now there are a lot of adjustments that occur, even though workout is usually a significant assistance to you when you decide to quit.Make an effort to set a fresh routine, such as exercising or going to the health club. If that isn't possible, you should attempt getting out of bed earlier and go for a short walk. If you can turn that stroll into a run or a jog, it will be really stimulating... (more)

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