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A Simple Solution To Writer's Block

By Credo, published on Aug 12, 2013

Writers block an interesting subject;

Taking a critical view of the reasons a writer would suddenly stumble, unable to find a subject and the right sentence structure to capture forever and immortalize the most effective words on paper.

It would seem that for no apparent reason this dreaded shut down in creativeness and imagination just all of a sudden, when you least expect it, falls on you like a heavy rain cloud hovering over head, when all at once it releases the biggest pellet drops of rain to spoil your enjoyable picnic.

All writers know the frustrating moments when... (more)

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What Are the Real Costs of Self-Publishing? Wrong Question..

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 21, 2013

Reblogged from J W Manus:

Last week a friend sent me the link to this article: The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book. He wanted to know my take on the issue.

The article seems to have gotten the facts right. It is possible to pay zero out-of-pocket cash to produce a book and it is possible to pay thousands.

I’m not overly bothered by the self-serving nature of the article. The author, Miral Sattar, is the founder and CEO of BiblioCrunch, a matchmaking service for authors and publishing professionals. So of course she’s going to focus on how very, very important it is... (more)

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The Anthology Editor - a rising player

By Shane Joseph, published on May 1, 2013

As writers struggle for a spot in the literary limelight, as traditional magazines and publishing houses discard box loads of submissions, and as supply outstrips demand at increasingly higher rates, there is a niche player ascending like a Phoenix, one who may offer relief, especially to new writers in search of a publishing credit: the anthology editor.

Anthologies have existed for a long time but they hitherto focussed on the “best of the best” work that had already been published elsewhere. The new kind of anthology that I am referring to is made up of the work of writers who (a)... (more)

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A Tale of 3-Towers - the lord of all things.

By iancochrane, published on Mar 3, 2013

It's late winter and it's Citizen Kane that brings me here, just south of Columbus Circle, NYC; to a castle of a place built in 1928 for William Randolph Hearst’s publishing empire. Hearst was a powerful man – with a thing about castles it seems – his newspapers read by 1 in 4 Americans and at the time already owning a twin-towered Mediterranean castle in California.

The young director Orson Welles was about tearing castles down, producing the film Citizen Kane in 1941; a thinly veiled biography of Hearst.

It’s 4pm, already dark, and with head down I push through sheets of rain.... (more)

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Giving it away for free. Why?

By Shane Joseph, published on May 11, 2012

I am inundated by new writers offering me free e-content these days. “Download my book for free!” And this has led me to realize why the traditional world of publishing, that is, those who try to make a living out of this business, have circled the wagons on their industry.

It is almost a given these days that a new writer has to self-publish his book and give away the e-book version for free. Some say that you have to give away three free for every one sold at $0.99. That is less than 25 cents per copy. How long will that take before you amass the minimum required to receive your first... (more)

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Trying to balance the year that was

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 22, 2011

...labour, Scrooge-like capitalists and hyper-specialization reducing humans to robots. Traditional news organizations wrestled with scandals over phone spying, and leaked documents from corporations and governments were being dumped on the internet for public entertainment. The traditional publishing industry cracked wide open with online retailers grabbing bigger pieces of the pie. Oh my, what upheaval!

Are we nearing the end of days, as the pessimists and evangelists constantly remind us? Have we mismanaged all iterations of human progress and dragged ourselves down into the mud... (more)

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Not easy but worth it: 6 plus points to going indie...

By Donna Brown, published on Sep 30, 2011

... to become a master marketer, a superb salesman and a networker extraordinaire! And somehow, in and among all this, you'll need to be working on your second book to ensure that all the interest you generate doesn't ebb away over time.

If it sounds daunting, it's because the decision to publishing independently is not one to be taken lightly and requires a great amount of commitment and dedication, which is why it has always baffled me that anyone would look down on books from independent publishers or small presses. These are professionals whose commitment to their work is so strong... (more)

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Eight Lessons for the Unpublished

By cranelegs, published on Aug 14, 2010

...was “somewhat pedestrian”—pretty harsh for an eight year old.

Now if I could write my query letters to agents like the folks from Poets Society write their anthology invitations, I might not be writing this piece of drivel right now. I might actually be on the other side of the publishing wall, separating myself from my peeps as fast as possible, while hopping from one terraced hot tub party to another with the likes of the Collins sisters, Annie Rice and that wild mother-daughter pair, the Clarks! Call me shallow. Don't care—been called a lot worse.

Alas, with my... (more)

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Towards An Ebook Future

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Jan 11, 2010 Didn't happen. Our generation, brought up on books made of paper aren't going to see the death of books.Being born, however, are two technologies that might increase access to markets for the writer. Firstly, there's Print On Demand (POD) which is the younger brother of self-publishing, which is the off-spring of vanity publishing. To explain, some writers who couldn't find a publisher would pay for the printing of their work themselves. This cost big bucks and left you with a warehouse full of books and looking for a sales team and a marketing strategy. Never very popular, ... (more)

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Self Publishing Without Shame

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Jan 8, 2010

Why does self-publishing carry such a stigma?

Because the writer feels that it proves that his work is not worthy of being picked up by a publisher and he is forced into publishing himself. He feels he is accused of vanity publishing, but just submitting your book to a mainstream publisher shows some signs of an ego which is actually necessary for a writer.

This scenario is flawed and is about to be blown out of the water.Let's accept that publishers are commercial businesses run to make the owners money. They are not in the business of promoting good writing. You, as the writer,... (more)

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