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The Anthology Editor - a rising player

By Shane Joseph, published on May 1, 2013

...material for a stand-alone body of work (b) have written about a narrow subject area that can only be noticed if highlighted in a collection with a similar theme (c) belong in a region or collective whose output is being showcased or (d) a combination of all of the above.

Indie publishers find this a convenient way to build a stable of writers who may go on to produce stand-alone work in future – catching them young, so to speak. The anthology’s niche theme also allows for the book to be finely targeted to interested audiences, and competition from bigger houses rarely... (more)

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Do titles sell books?

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 3, 2013

...after a more famous book called The Year of the Flood; readers kept sending me e-mails from around the world congratulating me on the great reviews the other Flood book was receiving. And, I did not plagiarize titles here, I had been toiling at my tome for over seven years and had a slew of publishers, rejections and other obstacles to wade through before I arrived at my launch party, late, as was to be expected.

Is it better to use the most unremarkable title like The (Something) or a longer one like the curious incident of when I went to buy groceries and met a long cool woman in... (more)

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There will be no professional writers in future

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 10, 2012

... existences even if to merely avoid psychotherapy, while others will live like lottery winners and drink to ease their guilt about compensation that far exceeds effort—and seek out shrinks. There is no socialism here. Writing schools will decline, replaced by fishing schools, perhaps.

Publishers: These guys are in the cross hairs of the impending fall. Some parts of their business are valuable, like editing, formatting, marketing, branding, access to awards and distributors etc. Others, less so, like lengthening the publishing pipeline that was under their watch, elongating it from... (more)

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Changing Publishing Models

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 1, 2011

...exit strategy, snap them up at a bargain, cut out non-selling titles in their back lists, and retain only ones whose authors have built a reader platform for themselves through personal sweat equity? Isn't Amazon and Kobo trying to do just that with their recent announcements about becoming publishers? This aggregator-type reminds me of those leveraged buyout vultures in books like Barbarians at the Gate who dismembered companies to extract only the valuable and re-sellable parts, dumping everything else without any compunction towards the industry they were raiding. What value will... (more)

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Story Girl - Confessions: The Shift, Part One.

By Kay C, published on Jun 23, 2010

...unfair, but also besides the point. After all, just about anybody could pick up a pen and fancy themselves a writer - imagine the horror if such dimwits were actually allowed to unleash their delusional need for validation on the rest of us. Entire forests would disappear, and traditional publishers would have more justifiable reason to ridicule.

And then, real life happened...

(but perhaps some back-story is in order).

I've always been a rather ambitious person. After graduating from University with a degree in literature, I moved to Los Angeles to study theater. I... (more)

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