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Adventures of a wannabe writer

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 3, 2012

...fellow alumni (and even a loose faculty member who came to these events just to get laid) and received a diploma for his efforts at the end of the orgy. He returned with three things he had learned: (1) write daily, at least three pages, (2) write great one-page query letters until you find a publisher or agent, (c) and market, market, market yourself.

Jack followed the formula. He wrote three pages every day; most of it was junk, so he trashed them at the end of the day. He developed 100 versions of a query letter and sent out at least three queries a day, flogging this novel that... (more)

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On Editing

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 14, 2011

...friends, fellow writers, who did not like the lion’s roar (too frightening) and the cheetah’s speed (too racy). The writer took them off Novel to please his friends. He met his editor, who was livid that a giraffe’s neck could go with a horse’s gait (inconsistent). The writer met his publisher, who said, “How can I sell this…this…thing?” More cuts were made to appease all aggrieved parties. Finally, the publisher was happy and petted the animal, saying, “Now you are understandable and non-threatening. Everyone will want to have a clone of you in their house. They will... (more)

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So Amazon and Kobo want to be Publishers, eh?

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 11, 2011

...and many players, each player muzzles for maximum turf over time. The ones upstream (i.e. the creators) try to advance down the chain like oil companies muzzling into retail gas stations. Those at the tail, retailers like Amazon and Kobo, try to move into the middle currently occupied by publishers, and those in the middle try to go both ways like departments stores that create loyalty programs at one end and private label merchandise at the other.

Success will depend on what value is provided. In the case of Amazon and Kobo, their original value proposition lay in their... (more)

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Q&A with Author, Writer & Editor Luanne Stevenson

By TonyBerkman, published on Jun 11, 2011

...EXACTLY, and proof read it three or more times. Even two typos will cause some agents to toss the project into the dumpster. I can’t stress it enough—learn the ins and outs for writing a book proposal. Books are available to guide you.

If you want to self-publish, there are good publishers out there who will assist you in the process. I work for one publishing house that publishes traditional and self-published authors - DocUmeant Publishing. Timberlake Press is another publisher I like, but there are many out there—just research the publisher and avoid scammers.

... (more)

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