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Audie Murphy Petition Draws Major VIP Endorsements

By usmc_snco, published on Sep 22, 2013

... World War II Audie Murphy went on to a successful career as a film star appearing in 44 feature films, most of them westerns. He appeared on television making guest appearances, wrote poetry, country music and raised champion quarter horses and thoroughbreds.

Audie Murphy – a pioneer in PTSD awareness

Although the name of Audie Murphy would certainly merit consideration for this most prestigious honor for his many contributions to American culture and his Hollywood career, the petition and recommendation, is based on a much more complex issue, one that Murphy assuredly had a... (more)

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Heal Your Own Heart, Heal the World

By Lumiere, published on Nov 2, 2011

I have spent the last eight months intensely focusing on my meditation practices, with a commitment to healing my own heart in hopes to help others heal. During this season, it becomes essential to withdraw ones energy from external creative projects to recharge your batteries. What I have become aware of during this time has amazed me because life seems somewhat surreal, there is a certain detachment from things that once had great meaning to me, now life is quite like watching a movie, a comedy of sorts. Everyone has a story, everyone has drama, problems abound, the world is spinning with... (more)

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Abandonment And P T S D

By Edward, published on Aug 28, 2009

After 9-11 I didn’t want to kill anyone, I didn’t even want revenge.  I just wanted to help its victims.  So I began to volunteer.  There I was trained in what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is and how to work with and help those with it. 

In the game of life one of the biggest players is our emotions. Feelings can make a person become jealous and words of love can make a soul willing to give anything in order to have that love. Being betrayed by love is hard! Many people who have been betrayed by love have committed suicide because of the pain. People who kill themselves do not do so... (more)

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Suicide Hero or Victim 6,500 in 2006

By baynurse, published on Dec 5, 2007

The casualties of war are not just happening in Iraq, they are happening right here at home. The number of soldiers returning from battle and committing suicide is appalling, staggering numbers, 6,500 suicide deaths in 2006. Different sources have different numbers, nonetheless, it is happening, and this is news.

Post traumatic stress, major depression, and guilt from killing people we have more in common with than not. Our young men and women, I mean young, in their 20's, some younger, are being told to kill people, it's their job, it'ss their duty. While we label suicide bombers... (more)

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