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Mischief - Prose

By JennyT, published on Sep 17, 2013

sounds of revelry


the night

split skirts

ride high on corners

trading skin for money

eyes of youth through

windows stare to lie on backs

open legs - knees bent


~ but never kiss

the lowly have it tougher

battering or death, risks

lined up on the street

calling 'honey what you want'

are they empty


the little girls they were

and how they sell themselves

exhibiting their wares

but who am I to judge

the top girls don't have... (more)

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Amsterdam's Windows of Desire

By Anastasia , published on Nov 29, 2012

...dark. I’m glad I was not alone. It’s difficult to pinpoint but I just felt a general air of menace, not helped by the groups of men of Eastern European and Middle Eastern appearance milling around by the canal bridges.

It was all meant to be different; it was meant to divorce prostitution from pimps. It hasn’t. The whole thing has been a failure. Rather than discouraging criminality it has allowed it to flourish under an uncomprehending official eye. Now the councillors of De Wallen, the district where most of the brothels are located, worried about the community’s... (more)

Tags: trafficking, crime, prostitution, amsterdam, the netherlands, brothels

Sex Education

By Anastasia , published on Nov 5, 2012

...occupational standards why not prostitutes?

Well, yes, I know; the intuitive response must be - who needs this? Sex, after all, is the sort of thing that comes naturally. We all like to think we can do it, free of instruction, at least with a little, ahem, hands on practice. In prostitution practice surely makes perfect.

But this is all wrong; at least it is according to Trabajo Ya! (Work Now), a prostitution school set up in the Spanish city of Valencia, the first in the country. It offers, according to its prospectus, a “basic instruction in professional... (more)

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Australia's Mega-Brothel Given Green Light

By TonyBerkman, published on Jun 20, 2012

...the upgrade for being too large, but today that was overturned by an appelate court. According to AFP, Stiletto currently promotes the brothel as "the world's finest short-stay boutique hotel and Sydney brothel". For those curious about the rate, its standard hourly rate is Aus$370 and includes the room, the lady of choice and beverages.

Stilleto is open around the clock, all year round except for Christmas Day. Prostitution in Australia is governed by state and territory laws and the result is that brothels are legal in some parts of Australia and in others they are banned.


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Angel, Part 6

By D. Sager, published on Jan 11, 2012

Driving her to the club once again, so tired from working all day and watching her all night. We parted with our usual exchange of kisses and hugs. I drove away, looking back at my Angel, her innocent looks were slowly changing, leaving a traces of fear and emptiness. My Angel, I want to take you away from all this. Gathering myself, like I always did when I had to leave her, I drove away slowly. The day I drove away faster than I came to her would be the end. Halfway home, my phone is ringing...its Angel, “Baby, don't come back, I’m staying here.” “What!” I screamed into the phone,... (more)

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Rise above the darkness and be the light of the world

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 15, 2011

...the income generated by crime syndicates. I am not deviating from the core issue but trying to establish the lead from where and how corrosion in our society is taking place…the money earned through illicit means i.e. by drug trafficking, human trafficking, plagiarism , fake medicines, prostitution are put into our system through legitimized business deal. These entire operations are called money laundering. Do you know the ramification of this? My friends it is believed that Globally 5 trillion USD worth businesses is transacted in shady deals by organized crime syndicate. Poor people ... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 28, 2011

“Come on Olivia come out of yourself… now look at me…Give forlorn look... relax your muscles…make it more real…feel like a prostitute….feel the pain…bring that pain on to your face…that’s good…”….Shot taken role enacted…Everybody present there lauded the great actor Olivia for flawless performance. Movie later turns into a great hit of all times.

The denial mode to improve upon the flawed perceptions is starkly revealed in our generic belief of many things of life. May it be colour, creed, caste, religion or as matter of fact even gender discrimination is not addressed with utmost... (more)

Tags: prostitution, humantrafficking, sex trade

Thy Brother's Keeper

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 19, 2011

Americans tend to think of the here and now when it comes to what should and should not be legalized. Ask the average person, and many will agree that 'crimes' such as smoking pot, prostitution, gambling, and even polygamy are not activities that warrant the intervention of the government. The laws outlawing these practices are legitimate targets for review and reversal, but if we really want to reform the justice system, we'd better get a team together that will review some of the stupidest laws on the books that you can be imprisoned for even today.

Taking into account that a full... (more)

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Just the Beginning (part 4)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 3, 2010

The monster is steaming, three empty bottles by his chair, his eyes are weak, he had too much to drink. He points to the kitchen, his fat finger in the air. As I walk in, dishes are broken everywhere. I look at him from the counter he just changes the channel faster and faster. I get out the broom and begin to clean the room. “What’s taking so long? I want my food. Hurry up little girl, or I’ll lose my patience real soon.” As if he didn’t lose it already. I stop cleaning; place the broom against the wall, leaning it so it won’t fall. I turn on the stove; the gas creates a flame, at... (more)

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