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Breaking Chains

By JennyT, published on Nov 10, 2013

Melded personality unrecognisable from the person that I was it seemed only moments when deciphering me wasn't possible chained, your shackles left no room for movement ~ for me to be myself without a smile I bid hello to mornings blew goodnight kisses to the moon with loss in my eyes

how did I let this happen as if I was invisible no thoughts, no rhyme or reason allowing my identity to vanish but I'm here, trapped, exploring ways to escape without a broken heart ungluing myself from your control my existence does not need your breath to smile once more at the moon and sun

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Tags: poetry, relationships, thoughts, prose, possessive, control, understanding oneself

Is it you or an Illusion (Prose)

By JennyT, published on Oct 2, 2013

does my mind play tricks on me a magician who waves the wand across the top hat for a rabbit to appear have you returned to fill the lacuna in my life the missing piece ~ the closure You, who I relied upon, who sated my desires the figure beneath the ghostly sheet that walks the passage-ways of my dreams

is my love for you not finished I see you walk along concrete streets out of doorways ~ I hear the bell that peals your existence my mind sees you, two steps in front of me back turned distancing yourself I call, but have no answer is this your sign to move on, relinquish... (more)

Tags: writing, love, relationships, death, loss, prose, grief

Nomadic nights

By JennyT, published on Sep 9, 2013

fingers splintering on bare wood the night, eyes closed ~ except through my third eye, the centre of my brows

early hours are silent, bar the tinkering ivories that draws me from unconscious sleep dreams will not be ReMembered when I wake yet still I wonder

violins draw close, like moths fluttering, movement; bow on strings music helps my flight, as I drift or am I deep in slumber now

wings circle overhead escaping from the birds hush morning do not come to soon I am in the woods, a far off place morning will enter, UNknowingly disturb

spin… SPin hallucinating?... (more)

Tags: poetry, dreams, prose, nightmares, dragons, restless, insomnia, sleeplessness, violins, pianos

Empty - Prose

By JennyT, published on Sep 8, 2013

In solitude her footsteps slow; in robe of pink through empty rooms, she wanders no laughter or voice that echo in her days and nights

life strange and silent, meals for one with simply why, as she reaches for the cupboard door as she did the day before

views once shared by two hands held her arms now crossed she sees the morning rise the quiet moon, with only her eyes

no one to share

do her children know the loneliness she faces in the minutes, hours, the days ahead with wrinkled trembling hand she reaches

for the phone upon the wall

and stops... (more)

Tags: writing, loneliness, death, prose, emptiness, elderly, josh groban

Touch - A prose about senses (Part 1)

By JennyT, published on Sep 2, 2013

Touch by hand the subtle things

Touch the child with new born skin

Touch the water in rock pools still

Touch the snow - white frozen chill


Touch the bark of trees at dark

Touch the glass and leave your mark

Touch the animal that makes you shiver

Touch the stones in the rippling river


Touch the pen so you may write

Touch the pillow you sleep on at night

Touch the cheek of those who blush

Touch the person whose heart is crushed


Touch the grass in paddocks... (more)

Tags: writing, touch, prose, feeling, senses, touching


By JennyT, published on Sep 1, 2013

Gossamer circles hang on limb

broken only by the gust of wind

stirred from skies and plunges deep

skies of black and restless sleep

Brumbies stir and gallop up hills

steep their climb strong of will

light from stars bathe the ground

grass is black for miles around

Lightning breaks the darkness still

zig zagged lights across the hill

thunder rumbles high in these skies

brumbies pack warning danger is nigh

Leader heads them up the hills

others follow at their will

strong of legs they carry on

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Tags: writing, prose, panic, brumbies, australia wild horses, thunderstorms

Dusted Parchment

By JennyT, published on Aug 28, 2013

barely visible

letters adorn dusted yellowing parchment as stitches are divorced from fraying binders and leather bound covers are held by fragile pleated hands read by waxen glow his eyes opaque he struggles

words of writers embodied past times treasures as grandmother's necklace handed down

feelings etched from another mind another vision penned with quill from brighter eyes unaware who may read whose hands will touch the ink or turn the page

words of love... philosophy poetry pain a writers life once lived sharing deepest thoughts to be read again and... (more)

Tags: poetry, writers, prose, old books, writings, parchment, dusty pages

A Valentinian Heart

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 14, 2012

The house was cursed with the clamor of an unceasing silence. Dark, dreary shades hung in the windows, and the thin reflections of the leafless trees danced with the wind. The branches creaked and a light mist clung to the bleak surroundings. Soundlessly, the passersby watched the lamps slowly extinguish as the fixtures burned through their meager ration of oil.

In the house was a man. Dressed in dark garb and prepared for a sleepless night, the man watched as the flame struggled against the thick, oppressive air. The smoke from the fire draped itself over him like a misty cloak, permeating... (more)

Tags: valentine's day, night, failure, prose, dreary, dark, st. valentine

A Simple Pleasure

By Frank - icare2be, published on Sep 22, 2011

A simple pleasure.A piece of joy stolen from a disaster,Boldly taken yesterday and today.

A simple pleasure.A bit of sum on a cloudy day.Open up to the feel inside and outside.

A simple pleasure.A hug in the middle of an argument.Grasp it tightly, hold it firmly.

A simple pleasure.A rare jewel among the rocks and boulders.Of being loved and loving.

Originally written: February 19, 1997

I was reveling in taking simple pleasure from a hug in the middle of an argument, a smile during that crisis, and realizing how rare it was. I remembered how it deflated the... (more)

Tags: poem, poetry, love, healing, prose, relationship, arguments, partnership

The Settler

By XanthusKidd, published on Jul 5, 2011

He's walking down a gray dirt road. Wagon ruts and horse hoof-prints can be seen marring the dirt. Mottled green and brown grass is growing in the center between the two worn ruts. The banks rise slightly about 3 feet on either side of the path as they slope off gently into the dark forest. The wooded floor is littered with pine needles and oddly shaped slabs of granite. Scraggly bushes grow in groups, fighting for life in their apparently ill-chosen abode. The trees are all starkly straight pine trees. Oddly enough, the branches come quite low; so low that visibility is less than 6 or 7 feet... (more)

Tags: deer, hunting, forest, prose, wandering, rifle, woods

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