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The Work Examiner Software

By chrisezine, published on May 24, 2014 receive, you have the tool to screen shot and capture data that you feel may be of importance to your company. As well as capturing, it also enables recording.

Options of Packages

They offer two different packages for you to choose from: the standard package and the professional package for larger coverage. If you are densely staffed and operate over hundreds of computers every day, the professional package will allow you an optimal monitoring of all the features above without limitations.

How it Helped Others

A number of companies had no idea that a... (more)

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Tips To Get Beyond Small Talk

By Karthik Selvaraj, published on Dec 10, 2013

Isn’t life mostly about social interactions?

We meet new people everyday, sometimes every hour. And it becomes vital that we have the ability to communicate with these new people. While most of us are comfortable meeting others from shared backgrounds and cultures, we do not have that luxury in the real world. The folks we get to interact with have diverse walks of life, which is exactly what makes life fun.

To make such interactions fun and easy, I would like to share some techniques that I picked up a few years ago and found hugely beneficial:

- Small talk after... (more)

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There will be no professional writers in future

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 10, 2012

“There will be no more professional writers in future” – read the headline of the arts section of one of our national newspapers last week, waking me up to my own dire predictions of the last few months, reminding me that I am not the only one having these nightmares. Change is coming, no matter how much we bury our heads in our ink and hope that it goes away.

The article went on to throw out some scary phrases—feudal economics of the 21st century (with Amazon and Huffington playing landlord to us poor hacks who are being relegated to serfs), 10 cents per 1000 reader clicks, and more... (more)

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