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To Solve A Problem, First Identify It.

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 5, 2012

This is a conversation I recently had with a young couple I have been working with. Both of them are extreme reactors and unfortunately the reaction is usually anger. Needless to say this is not working for them and I was trying to make them refocus their thinking and get them to realize what might actually be going on.

They were simply reacting without even taking the time to think and process what they were reacting to. I made them promise if the situation arose, they would agree to go think for a half hour before they said or did anything. "Take a time out so to speak."... (more)

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By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 17, 2012

Most people have no idea, what they are looking for in life. They move from one pillar to another. I found I would just go with the flow I wasn't achieving with this technique yet I was happy with life. It was when I started to take note of my problems in life I started to realise that money fixed most problems. What ever the idea it was the money that was needed to put the idea out in to the world.

What I have found that there are people with money that seem to like the gamble of putting their money to help entrepreneurs they are called angels. Investing Angels and with an idea... (more)

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