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The Goddess of Instantiate

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 25, 2012

She scans theJungle as if an elderly woman watching silent from a rosewood staircase with focused concern, false power. She appears to herself, briefly, as one of the biobots positioned at theWorkstation.

Her monitors put on a show. It's the data that loves her the most. It always will.

Far into the future she will remain actively quiet, without prayer, authorized to run on her own with little interruption of self-instantiated loops and corrections--the most perfect of creatures.

Hers is the kind of data future generations will hold up to a celebrity light.

She amazes... (more)

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Do YOU know who's watching you???

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 30, 2011

...Brother" pretty much knows all of this already, but I don't want or need Apple, Verizon, Amazon or even Google knowing everything there is to know about me, my habits or my likes and dislikes, unless **I** decide to give them that information.

Tonight, an article regarding the public's privacy being in danger was released by the GIZMODO site. It talks about an insidious little program that has been placed into the root programming of virtually ALL Android Smartphones, BlackBerrys and Nokia Smartphones. It's called "Carrier IQ" and this program not only collects ALL of your... (more)

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Operation Digital Angel

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 9, 2011

It's funny how we miss the huge issues streaking toward us as we go about our daily lives. As most of us, myself included, worry about the issues before us today, we almost never see the controversial subject creeping slowly and insidiously into our lives until they're already upon us.

For years now, the readers of future trends have been screaming from the rooftops about RFID chips, and how the intention is to eventually implant a chip into every human being on the planet as well as everything that is manufactured on the planet. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is already implanted... (more)

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A Date Whether You Want One Or Not

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 17, 2011

...which earlier this year faced potential trademark infringement concerns.

The company plans to use any and all public information it can gather to create around 340 new dating profiles for NON-REGISTERED users. If you have a Facebook page and you have not bothered to investigate the privacy settings or you haven't cared to put any in place, all that information will be considered public domain and used to create a profile for you that is open to sites like the aforementioned Dons and Divas, Marry Me First, Prison Hookup, and Ugly People Date. The company plans to use information ... (more)

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