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Dear Prime Minister, Please help!!!!!!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 2, 2012

Dear Prime MinisterI have sent about 24 emails to the attorney general in the regard of infomation to how the drugs and the drug network exists in Australia. How the King of the cross is the alleged owner of the company *The Hells Angels Ltd that owns the drugs coming into Australia. The information is vast and in depth. However it is a system within the government that has allowed some of my evidence to go unnoticed. With shootings all around Sydney I feel strongly on this issue. I research the history of Kings Cross for the book series The Kings Cross Sting. I started to research the links... (more)

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Procrastination for the nation...

By Joseph Gavin, published on May 4, 2012

...minutes of work done, God I'm good. But, what's this that has come over me? why are my eyes not obeying me? why do I have an undeniable longing for the soft rectangle in the corner of the room. Such a horrible fate has befallen me, I'm tired. Well, I've worked hard all night, ask anyone. I'll do the rest of the work in the morning or on the bus. I never do.I write this at 9:49 on a Sunday evening, I have two hours worth of homework to do, and bedtime is getting further away. That reminds me, someone told me that Angela Lansbury's grandfather was Prime Minister of the UK.WIKIPEDIA.


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