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'Abstinence-Only' Sex Education – The Oxymoron

By Alethea, published on Feb 28, 2013

...until marriage. Key educational features, such as contraception methods, are completely removed from the curriculum, while other states have no mandated sex education at all.

So is sex education needed in the schools? What is the problem?

The deal is that even though US teen pregnancy is at a low (about 35 out 1,000 teen girls will become pregnant), the US still has the highest rate of pregnancy in the developed world and American adolescents are contracting HIV faster than any other demographic group.

Although sex education in the school system has been a hot topic ... (more)

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Lori L. Otto is the Author of the Emi Lost & Found Series

By Wrp68, published on Dec 10, 2011

Her Books

Lost and Found

Nate Wilson has loved his best friend, Emi Hennigan, since the moment he met her, but he's spent the last thirteen years denying his attraction to her. As Nate tries to move on with another woman, Emi makes a surprising discovery about her own feelings. Will Nate and Emi find happiness together, or will their choices destroy the friendship they've been cultivating their entire adult lives?

Time Stands Still

A near-death experience leaves Emi Hennigan injured and confused, but it's a chance meeting with a man from her past that has her questioning... (more)

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The Pink Line

By LaurenK, published on Oct 27, 2011

I stare at the first pink line and wait.

One, two thr– oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. A hand – the one attached to my arm, is shaking uncontrollably.

I’m only 19! I squeal.

It wasn’t my fault and

It broke and

I took the pill and

I followed all instructions and

I’m studying and

I don’t have a job and

I don’t have a home and

I have no money…and…and

I’m scared.

I close my eyes and hope this will appease the god I don’t believe in to take pity on me and stop the horror emerging in the little box. I peak through... (more)

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Have You Ever Heard Of HELLP Syndrome?

By Miranda, published on Oct 26, 2011

... nervous but I knew it would all work out.

When I was about 6 months pregnant I started feeling miserable. When I went to my OB appointments I would tell her my aches and pains. I was having severe backaches and mind splitting migraines. My OB explained to me that this was typical during pregnancy. I accepted her answer and went about my day. What would I know, she's the Dr.

As the weeks wore on I was getting worse. I thought to myself this can't possibly be normal, women wouldn't keep having babies if this was normal. My doctor kept telling me that this was normal and to just... (more)

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Working out During Pregnancy

By Iam Herbert, published on Oct 15, 2011

Everyone knows that exercise is excellent for your health. During pregnancy, workout can have all kinds of other benefits as well. Normally, exercise ought to be minimal, specially on your first couple of weeks of childbearing while your system adjusts to the adjustments.Any type of heavy workout could divert the blood flow from vital areas, and quite a few women who workout on a regular basis will need to reduce their work out routine during pregnancy.Swimming, taking walks, and yoga are 2 extremely popular exercise routines which can be suitable for expectant women. There are other kinds... (more)

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Nobody's Body but Hers

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 14, 2011

... take these proposals seriously. Personhood legislation criminalizes abortion and some forms of birth control. Zygotes are designated separate persons from the mother. Many doctors assert such legislation would ban in vitro fertilization and prohibit medical assistance to women with critical pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancies.

The term zygote is often carelessly used to refer to the group of cells formed by the first few cell divisions [1, 2, 4, 16, 64], but these should be called a morula. A zygote is always synthesized from the union of two gametes [sex cells]... (more)

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Study Links Fluoride to Premature Births

By nyscof, published on Nov 18, 2009

...ostensibly to prevent tooth decay. Many groups oppose fluoridation because of its scientifically-documented health risks. (2)


Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks or just more than 9 months. A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is considered a preterm (or premature) birth.  About 12 percent of US pregnancies are preterm and this is one of the top causes of infant death in the US, according to the US National Institutes of... (more)

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